2 Self-Published Authors Share Their Success Tips

Ever thought about writing a book? Wendy Coates and Reggie Waterman are sharing their guide to self-publishing your book.

Dance Eva Dance

By: Wendy Coates

This children’s picture book is about a young elephant named Eva who is afraid to dance in front of anyone outside of her home. The story is about not being afraid to share your talents with the world. Although it’s written for children, a lot of adults told me the idea resonated with how Eva the elephant in the story overcomes her fears of dancing in public.

Wendy’s advice for self-publishing: 

If you want to publish your own book it can be done and there are a lot of ways to do it and feel satisfied you have your story out there in the world. Do not get caught up in self publishing companies that will promise to do so many great things for your book and make you a success while draining your bank account. Please do the research and read reviews. Contact other self publishing authors in your genre. Most of us have social media or a web page and you can contact them and ask them how they did it. After I published my book I had several people ask me for advice on how it’s done.


Discover Your Other Self

By: Reggie Waterman

This book is about self discovery to help you find your purpose in life. You can say it falls in the Self-Help genre of books but I call it the “Go get yours genre” of books. Because in life you should always be striving to go out there and get the life that you deserve.  But the format really draws on multiple parallels between my personal rock bottom moment and some of the various themes that a lot of us endured during the pandemic.

Discover Your Other Self provides exercises along with tips and tricks, call them “mind hacks” if you want to unlock your true potential.

Reggies advice for self publishing:

You WILL get overwhelmed. As a self-published author you have to manage the entire creative process from start to finish: Editing, Production, Distribution, Marketing, and Sales, or hiring people to carry out some of these roles.

If this is your first self-published book, you will NOT and I repeat will NOT get rich over night or
be on New York Times Best Selling list.

Editing and Marketing is one of the most critical and important variables in the process and it
can be very challenging. You can spend upwards to $0 to $4K for editing (obviously the more expensive editors are at the top of the scale. But you really don’t want to cheap out on this (why? Because people are
investing money in your masterpiece

When it comes to marketing, if no one knows about your book then no one will purchase it. So, it is important to build out a marketing plan where you can create a series of promotions to get the word out.