5 of the Top Travel Apps to Make Your Trip Easier

Get ready to travel again! These apps will get you organized easily.

Its time to travel again! The organizing, packing, and planning for a trip doesn’t sound fun. Thankfully there is an app for that. Let’s go over the top 5 apps we all need to make travelling easier.


Are your packing skills a little rusty? PackPoint will let you configure packing lists based on plans like swimming, beach, hiking, or babies! Simply add in your plans and it will make sure you pack bring everything without forgetting an essential item.



If you have itineraries across multiple emails, apps, and websites, then try using the app TripIt. You can forward your itineraries to a dedicated email, and the app will load everything into one chronological order, so you won’t miss a flight, lose your hotel reservation, or any rentals or plans you have booked.


Staying within your budget can be super tough when planning a trip. Thankfully the Wise app can help you manage your travel budget in one place. The app holds your travel budget in the app and has a debit card, so you can spend abroad without foreign exchange fees.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has rolled out 3D maps in many major cities around the world, but better yet, has airport navigation built right in, so gone are the days where you are running around trying to find a coffee shop, the lounge, or your gate.


If you are travelling but don’t have time to learn the a new language, try iTranslate. The app has over 100+ languages and lets you translate in real time in a conversation. It also lets you translate through your camera, and can be downloaded for offline use, even if you don’t have a roaming plan.