3 Outdoor Cleaning Products That will Make Your Life Easier

This spring is all about working smarter not harder!

Spring has sprung and after a harsh winter it’s time for outdoor spring cleaning. Even if you like these kinds of chores, there are a few tools that you can use to make your outdoor cleaning projects easier this season.


Garden Hose

The Big Boss XHose

A 100 ft garden hose that fits into a basket! The Big Boss XHose is reinforced with a high-grade, drag resistant DAC-5 polyester outer layer, which is specially woven to make it tougher and stronger than ever. The brass fittings and superior strain relief collar are crush resistant, making it near indestructible. The thin, specially formulated inner layer expands to produce more velocity and higher pressure, making it very powerful.

Power Washer

RYOBI HP Brushless Battery-Operated Pressure Washer

Easy-to-use, portable, cordless pressure washer. This pressure washer uses 2 40V batteries and a brushless motor to provide hassle free cleaning, while eliminating the annoyance of gas and electric cords. This pressure washer is part of the whisper series, making it the perfect tool for quiet cleaning. The pressure washer is equipped with wheels and a handle for easy transport.

Window Washing

Lee Valley Window Kit

This professional-grade window-washing set leaves glass clean and streak-free with little fuss. The efficiency comes from the clever dual-head design, with a microfibre scrubber on one side and a rubber squeegee on the other. This lets you scrub and wipe the pane without having to lower the tool and switch the heads. The product is sturdily constructed from strong, lightweight plastic, with a removable scrub and squeegee attachments.