5 Ways to Style Your Space With Plants Without a Green Thumb

Plants are the perfect way to add life to your space!

It cannot be understated how plants or flowers can make a room really come to life. Look at any finished room in a magazine or your favourite designers on Instagram and you will see fresh flowers or plants in those rooms. So, we know it looks good, but where do you start? Let’s go over 5 ways to decorate your space using plants and flowers.

Flower Bunch in a Cylinder Vase

Pair a cylinder vase with a single variety of in season flowers. This is perfect on a coffee table, in an entryway. You can put these arrangements, big or small, all over your house in every room. This is a very forgiving shape of vase to arrange in! A big wide mouth is more challenging, and a smaller mouth can be challenging. The second thing is to hold your bunch near the edge of a counter with the vase, to estimate where to cut them. You can always cut more if they’re too tall, but you can’t do the opposite. Sometimes it looks nicer when there are a few flowers close to the lip of the vase.

Lyngby Vase

Price: $65

Sculptural Bud Vase with a Branch

This idea is great for highlighting a small piece of nature in your space. These are little sand-cast bronze bud vases. They are little sculptures and are meant to display dried materials. This would be ideal on a shelf or a mantle and can be done by anyone! I have a few bud vases around my home, that are like this with pussy willows or branches from a special hike.

Bronze Blocks Unpolished

Price: $70

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are back with a vengeance, and I think it’s a vintage throwback for Gen Z, but in the right hands, it can be beautifully executed and look modern. You can always keep things simple with just one variety of dried flower. This is done with pampa grass all the time, and that’s a simple way to do it. The other thing to keep in mind is choosing a more contemporary vase that is opaque so you’re no looking at the stems. Dried flowers don’t like humidity so if you want your dried arrangements to last keep them out of the bathroom. Dried floral arrangements also don’t do well in direct sunlight and will dis colour and shorten their life is exposed to too much sun.

Torch Vase with Collar Mint Camouflage

Price: $345

Torch Vase White Crystal

Price: $320

Shelf-Friendly Plants

This should be said for all plants, that the right plant needs to go in the right place. They all like different things! And I am guilty, too, of just buying what looks pretty, from a stylist point of view, without doing any research and then being surprised when it doesn’t go well. Talk to an expert that knows a thing or two. This Shark Fin Snake Plant is a very forgiving plant that can go up on a shelf as long as it gets some light. It can take direct sun or low light. It can handle being in a high-activity zone or get bumped and won’t mind.

Potted Shark Fin

Price: $125

Plant Pots as Decor

If you love plants, and have a lot of them, consider the pots as part of your décor. A beautiful pot can entirely change the way a plant looks in a room and be an extension of your style. When I decorate a room, it is down to the details. And we can consider a plant pot the same way we consider a lamp or area rug. Does it work with the look?  These Terra Cotta pots are from Bergs Potter and come in a ton of sizes, so you can size up in the same style as your plant grows. They are also healthy for your plants because the terra cotta is porous and breathable. It helps balance the water content in the soil, and develops and amazing patina over time.

Hanging Planter

Price: $89

Salt Archie Planter

Price: $105