Your Complete Guide to Achieve the Natural Lash Aesthetic

Lashes are the trickiest part of a beauty routine for some of us!


Lashes are the trickiest part of a beauty routine for some of us! With ever-changing trends and products on the market it can be tough to figure out which products are worth it.

The most important thing to understand is that the times have changed! From 2014-2019 big lashes were all the rage. Semi-permanent eyelashes, dense and long mink strip lashes were trendy. During the pandemic, a massive shift happened in the beauty world. Everyone is embracing a more natural look. Now we’re seeing a lot more natural lashes in their full glory and people are stepping away from the semi-permanent ultra-full lash look. Let’s go over how to achieve the natural lash look using some tips and products.


Neulash Serum

I’ve tested and tried every single lash serum on the market and have found one that provides incredible results and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I apply Neulash Serum once a day in the evening and it grows my natural lashes to an ultra-flattering length that looks great with mascara on. Neulash has nourishing ingredients like biotin (essential B vitamin), pumpkin seed extract and sodium hyaluronate which helps to boost hydration to the lash follicle. You see amazing results in just 30 days and once you have achieved your desired results, apply every other day to maintain results.

Invest in a good lash curler

Lash lifts are all the rage right now. If you’re not someone who would use a lash curler on a day-to-day basis, a great lash lift and lash tint is the way to go. If you’re someone that wouldn’t want to enlist in that kind of treatment, I always recommend curling your lashes before applying mascara. This was something I never used to do, but after really noticing the difference it makes, now there isn’t a day I go without giving my lashes a little lift. However not all lash curlers are created equal. There are some really bad ones on the market that barely lift your lashes. Investing in a quality lash curler will make all the difference. Not only for the initial lift but also for the longevity of that lift as well. My all-time favourite is the Shu Uemera Lash curler. It’s truly outstanding.

Skip the lash primer

A lot of lash primers on the market are a white shade which can be really hard to cover with a black mascara especially the back side of your lashes right down to the root. Lash primer also can also give your lashes a stiff, rigid appearance.


L’Oreal Lash Paradise

The new formula of this mascara is infused with a luscious blend of flower oils and it makes your lashes feel conditioned and supple to the touch. Lash Paradise Mascara is clump-resistant, smudge-resistant, longwearing and suitable for sensitive eyes. The ultra-soft wavy brush catches every lash for dense, fuller-looking lashes. For the price, you’re not going to find a better mascara.

Lash Snack Clean Lengthening Mascara

When it comes to trending mascaras that are buzz-worthy on social media, Addison Rae’s mascara is all the rage. Her brand is called ITEM Beauty and her Lash Snack Clean Lengthening Mascara, has a fantastic wand. The wand is quite unique in the market, appearing to be half the size of most wands on the market and for those that need some extra lengthening, this is the one for you. The small wand gets into those hard-to-reach places.

Stila Magnum XXX

If you’re like me and you love full, curled, lengthened and impactful lashes, then this could be the one for you. Stila Magnum XXX is great for people that have very straight lashes, as it helps with curl retention. The wand itself has a unique curved silhouette to really lift your lashes up to the sky.

False lashes are here to stay!

False lash styles have dramatically changed over the past two years. Even with our Fancy Face brides, we’ve seen a massive shift with what styles brides are choosing for their wedding day as well. This year the general trend with false lashes is ‘less is more’. Women are opting for a false lash that could look like their natural lashes. We swear by our Basic Boss Lashes here at Fancy Face witch we usually cut in half and apply to the outer lash.

One of our best-selling styles is called Honeymoon because of how short and natural looking it is.

Thin lash band

A good rule of thumb if looking for a natural look is to go for lashes that have an invisible band. This will really help blend and disguise the false lashes into your natural lashes. Naked Lashes by Ardell Professional has a perfect invisible band.

Clear glue

Black glue always ends up looking messy and can be tough to work with if you’re a beginner so opt for clear, translucent glue.  A great lash glue is by House Of Lashes. Be sure to apply a generous coat of glue to the lash band, wait at least 1 minute before applying and look down into a compact when placing them on for better visibility.

Individual lashes

If you’re a pro at putting on lashes, there are some amazing individual lashes on the market. Apply four to five clusters on the outside of your eyes for a soft, elongated, natural and winged-out look!