4 of the Coolest and Quirkiest Classes you can Take Across Canada

If you have free time this summer, then why not try a new activity and learn something new?

If you have free time this summer, then why not try a new activity and learn something new? Let’s go over a few fun and unique classes across Canada. I think these classes are so interesting because they answer the question—have you ever wanted to learn how to be a “X”— fill in the blank, there’s probably a class out there for you.

Mermaid class

You might not realize the world’s largest mermaid school started here in Canada, and now offers classes in cities across North America. Aquamermaid teaches mermaid swimming lessons or mermaid school parties for all ages. These classes can take place at any pool! An instructor can come to you, so you can do it in a private setting, or on vacation, at a hotel you’re staying at. You can learn how to do dolphin kicks, handstands, spins, somersault, and tail splashes. These are popular for birthdays and bachelorette parties and if you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner mermaid, this is the class to do it. They provide the tails, but if you happen to have your own you can bring it and use it.

Goat movement class
So you’ve likely heard of cat yoga and perhaps you’ve also heard of something called goat yoga. These animal-themed classes are popular across the country. I’ve learned that some of the yoga instructors these days are moving away from that language, so think goat movements. It’s not a true yoga class if you’re only in it for the cute animal photo ops and cuddles with some yoga-esque movements. There’s a bunch of different animal movement classes being offered all over including in Alberta at the Moose Eco Lodge. This goat movement class takes place indoor or outdoor, and they’ve been booking classes two months out there’s so much interest. I took a similar class in Arizona a few years ago and something you might not realize is that goats in this setting will poop on you but they’re like these little hard pellets so they kind of just roll right off you. A big part of the class is laughing because the goats will make you laugh.

Circus class

There’s a Circus School in Quebec that’s inside a renovated church where you can learn how to be a circus performer. Flip Circus School lets you can up to learn a bunch of different acrobatic disciplines like how to trampoline, aerial silks, trapeze, juggling, hand balancing, how to unicycle, walk on a tight wire, juggle and more! This is for all ages and it’s great as a recreational class but people do book at this school for experience to become professional circus performers as you know Cirque du Soleil originated in Quebec so honing those skills at Circus School while it might sound a little unusual, is actually a very serious profession.

Adult camp

Why should kids be the only one to go to summer camp? Camp No Counsellors, is strictly for grown-ups! They have public camps in different locations across North America but they also do private groups or retreats. It takes your favourite summer camp memories as a kid and pairs it with things you love as an adult like rock climbing classes, archery, painting, water sports, and it adds things like drinks, theme parties, and really good food. It’s a perfect way to recharge and honestly not really an opportunity that many adults get anymore. Camp No Counselors is U.S. based and the biggest all inclusive adult camp company in the world. They do pop-up in Canadian cities and are constantly adding different locations and dates to their rosters. There are also Canadian adult camp options you can find as well such as: Camp Throwback and Canadian Adventure Camp.