How to Create an Outdoor Oasis in a Small Space

Outdoor spaces are so important for improving your quality of life in the summer.

Outdoor spaces are so important for improving your quality of life in the summer. But don’t overlook a small space even if you can’t do everything you can with a larger space, it should still be a place you love and enjoy using every day. We’ll be designing a 4×8 patio, which is typical for a small apartment balcony.

Layout #1

Make it comfy

Don’t be afraid to max out the square footage on big, comfortable piece. I maxed out on comfortable seating for one for someone who wants to read or work outside. I made it feel cozy with cushions and throws which you can store in the storage ottoman.

Sedona Outdoor Ottoman

Price: 349.99

Sedona Outdoor Club Chair

Price: $699.99

Large Metal Outdoor Lantern

Price: $139.99

Pacifico Large Outdoor Planter

Price: $99.99

Azur Outdoor Cement Drum Stool

Price: $199.99


Adding plants or herbs to the space will encourage you to use the space everyday! I brought in plants as it’s always nice to look out and see some green, especially if you don’t have a view as beautiful as this one. I love this set-up because the colours are neutral and calming, but the materials have a lot of texture.

For privacy I like faux boxwood plants, but one thing I’ve seen people do is unwrap some of the pieces, so it doesn’t look so perfect for a more natural feel.

Layout #2

Versatile pieces

If you are someone who wants a place to lounge and wants a compact piece of furniture without cushions you need to bring in each night, go for a cool mesh lounger you can also flatten and use as a bench.

Dining outdoors

If you are someone that wants a place to eat and drink outdoors with your partner or a friend, you can opt for two dining chairs and a nesting table. If you aren’t a plant person, you can bring in greenery with your toss cushions.