5 #Extra Summer Fashion Trends you Need to Try

Summer is the best time to bring out your funnest, flashiest pieces!

The most DAZZLING fashion trends that will have ALL eyes on you!

Bold Playful Patterns 

When heading on vacation most of us have fun with our wardrobe. Jumpsuits are fun and eye catching especially when we add a bold pattern. This is a perfect look for hot climates. Fabric isn’t sticking to you but doesn’t look oversized and dishevelled. Silk/satin dresses are a big summer trend

Satin Slip Dress: $598

Sexy Sequins 

It was reserved for the most formal and glamorous of events. Now it’s become an embellishment that says fun for any and every occasion. An all-sequins dress or jumpsuit is about standing out. Perfect for a trip to Miami or any time you want your outfit to say, “Look at me!”

Sequin Slip Dress: $528

Ravishing Ruching

Sarah Jessica Parker in Just Like That brought this trend back and I am so happy she did. She’s also the queen of EXTRA looks, so this is a perfect fit. This is the most figure flattering and curve hugging trend. The original dress is on back order, but I found the perfect dupe. Don’t be afraid of what the garments look like on the hanger. All that material will hide whatever you want and make you feel like a woman exploring her city

Ruçhed Dress: $75

Fancy Feathers

These are a perfect little extra touch to any outfit. They can be done on a purse or a little shirt detail. Not all of us want to wear a dress or jumpsuit with a bold statement. Sometimes we just want that hint.

Flirty Fringe

Fringe can be subtle, added to the bottom of a hem or purse or it can be fun and bold like this jumpsuit. Fringe adds movement to an outfit. Take your fringe pieces dancing!

Fringe Jumpsuit: $215