5 Coolers for the Perfect Picnic

There's nothing like a summer meal Alfresco but the key to a perfect picnic is the right cooler!

There’s nothing like a summer meal Alfresco but the key to a perfect picnic is the right cooler! Here are 5 products perfect for a summer picnic.

Portable rolling cooler

I always love stripes because they’re so classic. This rolling cooler is almost like a little carry-on suitcase. But the whole thing is a cooler and I love that it’s on the wheels. It’s great to take on a picnic or packing for kids’ sports day where you have to pack a lot of snacks and drinks.

Price: $76.95

Indigo striped cooler bag

I really like this little cooler bag because not everybody needs something big. This is perfect for bringing a few snacks or drinks if you are out on your own or will a small group.  I like this one because it’s that classic stripes just screen summertime it’s got a good shoulder strap. The styling of it is very beautiful and very cute.

Price: $69.00

Soft 64 can cooler

This 64 can cooler holds a ton but is super easy to store! This is the size of those large hard coolers you take camping buts this bag is actually soft and collapsible. If you live in a small space or you won’t use a cooler very often you can easily shrink this down and throw it in the top of your closet.

Price: $51.95

Picnic basket with cooler

If you are looking for an elevated version of the classic picnic basket look then the Picnic Time basket with cooler is for you! What I love is that half of this is a cooler pack so you can put your meats or your cheese or your cold beverages on this side. It also comes with a dining set for four.

Price: $133.95

Pioneer picnic basket for two

This picnic for two set is crazy chic and super luxurious. The dining set comes with real glass wine glasses, faux leather cutlery handles, porcelain plates, pepper shakers, and a wine opener. The bottom is waterproof so it can be put on the grass and the moisture won’t seep through to your food or dishes! It also comes with a picnic blanket that matches the linen napkins and can be rolled up and strapped to the side.

Price: $199.95