Must-Have Beauty + Style Travel Trends for Fall 2022

Staples to make you look good all year round!

For Fashion Expert Tania Tonello and Beauty Expert Lisa Vella, packing for a trip sounds like a suitcase full of fantastic outfits and a glowing makeup bag. Let’s get into some travel essentials for transitioning from summer to fall.

Certain items can make the transition between the seasons an easy one. Less stress is always best!

Travel Layers

Having layers and transitional pieces is a quick and easy way to turn any summer outfit into a Fall one. A key pieces for Fall 2022 would be a simple Black Blazer. The oversized fit is still trending so purchasing a thrifted one in the menswear section is a fun eco and wallet friendly option that would suit the Fall vibe effortlessly.

A Denim Shacket, an update on the denim jacket, is another trendy option for the oversized look. Styling it with a lightweight turtleneck, tights and booties can transition a lot of pieces from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter.


Travel Bags

Fanny pack styled as a cross body is a perfect accessory for fall. Keep your passport and money safe in front of your chest while still looking stylish. With secure zippers and closures, you can style it with so many different outfits it is truely a seasonless piece. 

This new Toronto brand birthed by a mom and daughters BIPOC trio during the pandemic is one Tania would recommend to spice up your style. 


Travel Bling

For your bling, one thing Tania recommends is to definitely grab some Non-tarnish, waterproof jewelry that can be found at affordable price points from this Canadian-based company.

It’s safe, affordable, and you don’t have to worry about losing valuables while on vacation or by the water.


Travel Footwear

One thing to keep in mind is that comfort is key. In Europe, thicker heels or wedges are best for cobblestone streets

Tip: Work in shoes before packing them, if you buy new ones right before a trip to ensure long-term comfort.



One thing Lisa says is an essential item you need in your makeup bag would be an led mirror. You never know what the lighting situation will be where you are travelling too so it comes in handy if you are a family sharing a bathroom so that you can apply your makeup anywhere you go.


Fall colours

During the summer months it’s best to packed corals, warm browns and pinks, and now that fall is around the corner, the trendy colour palletes would be roses, plums, wines, and purples. 

This fall’s theme is filled with moisture-rich products – Creams should be your preferred makeup consistency for fall because our skin typically needs more moisture to help combat the colder months. In contrast, in the summer, our skin doesn’t thirst for moisture as much because of the humidity in the air.

Three makeup trends to get on board with this fall are:

  1. Glossy Lips: Look for moisturizing glossy formulas for fall to maintain the balance of moisture in your lips. 
  2. Bold Blush: The over-blushed look or burnt blush with bright and bold cream formulas. You’ll want to gravitate toward blushes in terracotta, brick, and peachy hues instead of tangerine, rose, and grape to ace this fall makeup look.
  3. Monochromatic Moods: To create easy monochromatic looks is to use the same product on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.