4 Fall Nail Trends to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Experiment this season!

Trend #1 Hailey Bieber Glazed Donut Nails

Glazed Donut Nails have been one of the biggest trends lately — made popular by Hailey Bieber’s MET Gala look. By using white gel nail polish and chrome powder, you’ll create a mirror effect that might just resemble the classic glazed donut.

To recreate this look from home (with no tools needed), start by using a regular white or pale pink nail polish paired with an iridescent topper. You can even use a dark base colour like navy blue or brown to create an even more fall-inspired look. This design is perfect for weddings or whenever you want to keep things simple. It’s also a great combo to wear during the holiday season for a subtle, festive feel.

OPI Funny Bunny

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Sally Hansen Unicorn Top Coat

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Trend #2 Micro French Tips

This is for those who love simple, chic, and quick! It’s especially perfect if you have short nails.

First, apply a sheer milky polish (or clear base colour) to the nail. The key to this look is to add a very thin white line at the tip of the nail. Dab a bit of white polish to your finger and dip the tip of your nail on the opposite hand, just slightly, into the polish to cover the free edge of the nail. You can use the classic white nail polish for the French tip or experiment with any colour you like.

TIP: Use a small nail brush or eyeshadow brush, or cotton swab to clean up around the tip of the nail.

White nail polish – Igel Baby Powder

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Base beige colour – Igel Teddy Bear

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Trend #3 Gold Accents

Gold accents add the perfect touch of glam. Plus, they pair perfectly with the darker tones of the season.
This look can be recreated using loose gold foils and applying them with tweezers; or an even simpler way is to use a topper that already has gold flakes in it.

TIP: You can purchase loose gold foil or nail polish with gold flecks online or your local beauty supply.

Burgundy nail polish – Zoya Suzie

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Gold Flake Top Coat 

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Loose gold flakes

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Trend #4 Psychedelic Swirls

This fun design was super popular in the summer! (It still is!) Using these bright neon colours, it’s easy to transition this look into the fall – think autumn colours, dark tones, and nude shades.
For this look you’ll need a few of your favourite fall polishes and a thin Nail Art brush to draw line designs directly onto the nail. With these designs, you can get as creative as you want!

TIP: Rest your wrist on the edge of the table while creating the lines to steady your hand for more control of the Nail Art brush.

Thin nail art brush

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