5 Useful Gadgets for Your Vehicle You Didn't Know Existed

What you need for a safer and smoother drive!

We’re shifting gears! Sometimes, we need someone else to tell us what we need — especially when it comes to cars. Auto expert Stephanie Henry shares some of her favourite car gadgets you’ll desperately want to take on the road with you.

1. Jump Starter Kit

Jump starter kit - black and red tool

Price: $197

  • Portable jump starter and power station
  • Power station that delivers 200 watts of continuous 120V
  • Charge all your USB devices
  • Other features include an air compressor, a built-in work light, a digital display, and 4-gauge cables with spark-resistant clamps.


2. Cup Holder Tray

Cup holder tray - black

Price: $36.98

  • Car cup holder with expandable tray
  • Choose a size which matches the cupholder in your car
  • 360 rotating detachable tray can be used to hold food, snacks, keys
  • Easy to install, disassemble and clean


3. Car Hooks

Car hooks - black

Price: $17.41

  • Car seat hook for purses, bags & phone holder
  • Attaches to the car seat with adjustable lock
  • Easy access to a range of items including – shopping bags, grocery bags, a hat, headphones
  • Holds approximately 33lbs per hook


4. Car Seat Gap Filler

Car gap filler - black

Price: $54.49

  • Car seat gap filler covers the gap in front of, surrounding and behind the seat belt
  • One size fits most vehicles
  • Avoid losing your phone or any item in the car seat crevice


5. Windshield Snow Cover

Windshield snow cover - black

Price: $26.99

  • Works in summer to protect from sun UV rays but especially during the winter
  • Block your windshield from the elements including snow, ice, frost, blizzard, rain, sleet, slush, water & hail
  • Cover car before snowfall & remove cover afterwards to cut cleaning time in cold weather