Menopause Products That Actually Work

The products you need when going through menopause!

As the saying goes: “You don’t have to suffer through it.” Fashion stylist Janice Meredith shares a selection of products to help make menopause smooth sailing for women. These products were created to help you sleep, stop sweating, and SO much more! Just take a look.

Let’s start with all of that time we spend in bed…

Hush Iced 2.0 Bamboo Cooling Sheets and Pillowcase Set

Sheets and pillow case set

Price: $159.00

  • Keeps you cool all night and eases night sweats
  • Sheets made of bamboo viscose are lightweight moisture-wicking material
  • Bamboo viscose inhibits bacteria, cuts down odors
  • Key claim: this fabric is innovative – it draws heat from the body and releases it into the air. 
  • Fabric made of viscose 300TC but feels softer than higher cotton count
  • These sheets stay cleaner longer


You can double down on the cooling and wicking to embrace the same science in your PJs. This is a well-planned 4 piece matching set. Regardless of the season, you have pieces that you can mix to create your best combination.


Tank Harem Set + Oversized Tee (4-piece Set)

Tie Dye PJ Set

Price: $218.00

  • Again, bamboo is moisture wicking
  • The nature of the fibers and the way they come together make for a very breathable matrix as opposed to cotton
  • Cotton absorbs moisture or heat and sits with it
  • Bamboo wicks away moisture and pulls away the heat


If you still want something to cover yourself while sleeping (even when feeling hot), Hush also offers an ice-cool weighted blanket.


Hush Iced 2.0 – Cooling Weighted Blanket For Night Sweats, Anxiety & Stress

Weighted blanket

Price: $359.00

  • Relieves night sweats to help you sleep cool and dry all night long
  • Relaxes the body and mind to reduce bedtime anxiety and stress. Say goodnight to insomnia!
  • The weight of the blanket feels like a gentle hug that calms your body and helps you sleep easily, without tossing and turning throughout the night


Hot flashes don’t just happen at night. It can happen at any time! Some other products address the unpleasant side effects of menopause.


Bust Dust by Megababe

Bust Dust

Price: $25.50

  • During these hot flashes, it’s not just our underarms that require some attention
  • Sweat can pool and bleed through your bra and shirt so using a powder can bust that sweat
  • Or any other fold of skin on the skin area will suffer
    when applied before getting dressed, Megababes bust dust absorbs any sweat before it gets absorbed into your outfit
  • Formulated with corn starch instead of baking soda which is a common irritant in antiperspirants
  • Also does not use talc powder which is now proven to cause cancer
  • Soothes with aloe vera and chamomile extract
  • Certified organic


Menopause Faace

Menopause Faace

Price: $50.00

  • Specifically formulated to target the lack of collagen and firmness, an antioxidant and multivitamin-packed ingredients list is billed as boosting menopausal skin while offering hydration and moisture
  • Providing both super hydrating and anti-inflammatory components, rose water is in there to soothe and refresh skin
  • For plumping up properties, antioxidant-rich carrot seed and pomegranate oil join skin-friendly fatty acids from rosehip oil
  • Sea buckthorn crams in vitamins B, C, and E, as immortelle flower oil and safflower seed oils focus on glow and hydration
  • Zinc and geranium fight off any breakouts in mind


Our hair is also affected by the change in our bodies. Evolving to grey hair may change the texture.


Hush Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase

Price: $149.00

  • Introducing a silk pillowcase helps maintain the moisture in our hair while regulating temperature
  • Helps maintain the natural oils and reduces friction that comes with harsher cotton pillowcases. That friction was known to cause breakage and tangles.
  • We have long known the benefits of silk for hair and this is a reminder to add it to our routines to help


Menopause has been known to alter your gut biome. Digestive issues are connected to the change in progesterone. Beauty products have grown to include ingestible and the knowledge that the status of our gut directly correlates to our skin.


Aura Inner Beauty – Restorative Powder

Aura Inner Beauty Powder

Price: $78.00

  • This powder goes into your choice of drink
  • Blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants to nourish your beauty support from within
  • Manufactured in Canada using organic ingredients
  • Free of synthetic fillers, gluten, preservatives, additives, etc.
  • If you experience how dairy or gluten causes you to break out, you may notice more pronounced symptoms during menopause.
  • Change to include clean foods to ‘feed’ your skin.


Another joyous side effect of the drop in progesterone is the decrease in sex drive, specifically vaginal dryness. And why should we stop doing something that should feel so good?


Maude Shine Organic

Maude Shine Organic

Price: $34.00

  • This aloe-based formula is pH-balanced and hydrating, so you don’t have to worry about it causing any problems down there
  • Feels like silk, not sticky
  • Doesn’t smell and lasts a long time
  • The glass bottle is sleek and stylish – a display-worthy product – not something you need to hide in your bedside drawer


There is very little that menopause seems to change in our bodies. Thankfully there are smart – typically women-created – products to help balance out and support this change to make it a more pleasant experience.

Knowledge is key!


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