TikTok's top trends for September

The products that were landing on everyone's 'For You' page!

TikTok has taken over and become one of the biggest platforms for predicting and learning about recent trends. Depending on what “side” of TikTok you are on, you may be shown a variety of different trends. For example, TikTok has an algorithm that calculates what information each person will see, based on posts you like, save, and interact with. 

There are thousands of creators on TikTok who have accounts that focus on reviewing products or talking about recent trends. Everything about beauty, fashion, clothing, nails, hair, appliances, home, lifestyle, and so much more. 

We have gathered some of the top beauty, fashion, and must-see trends over the past month so you can stay up to date with looking fabulous with the latest tips and tricks! 


  • One of the biggest beauty trends this past month has been the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush. This product has been showcased all over TikTok by influencers of any age. This blush is a liquid consistency that drys to a mate-powered finish. A little of this product goes a long way as it is very pigmented. It also comes in a nice range of colours to complement different skin tones. 

  • Everyone has hopped on the Laneige Lip Sleep Mask trend at the moment. This hydrating lip balm is made with vitamin c and will your lips feel silkily soft. It is a great addition to your makeup bag, especially with the cold weather approaching. 

  • The “glazed donut nails” have been the new nail trend of the season. This trend first started with Hailey Bieber, as these were the nails she was sporting at the MET gala earlier this year. In the past few weeks tutorials on how to get the “glazed” nail look have taken the internet by storm.




  • The Dyson Hair Wrap is the new must-have hair tool. It is the latest and greatest development in hair technology. This product allows you to style a variety of hair types, styles, and lengths. Although this product comes with a big price tag, it is designed to last and will help to you achieve that salon blow-out at home! 

  • The ’90s are back and better than ever! The 90’s fluffy hair has been all over TikTok this month. It’s all about layers and wispy bangs. 



  • This season we are going back to the basics. Influencers all over TikTok are wearing classic colours and staple closet pieces. Any basic tank top or t-shirt is perfect to layer with jackets and cardigans this fall. Things such as “the classic tank” or “baby-tees” have been trending online.

  • Think fall, think clogs. This fall the new Bostonclog from Birkenstock. These shoes are the perfect alternative to everyone’s favorite summer sandals. These shoes come in many colours and can be paired with a variety of different looks. There are also many dupes online for these shoes so you can enjoy the style with a cheaper price tag. 

  • Chunky knits! Knits are a fashion staple every fall but now they are back and chunkier than ever! Chunky cozy knits have been all over TikTok this past month. They can be paired with anything. You can dress them up with a pair of fall boots and a nice jacket and dress them down with a pair of leggings and a pair of uggs. 


Check back next month to see what’s been trending in October!