Dream Team | Nadine's Journey

To a new beginning!

The Dream Team

The Cityline Dream Team is a group of experts who each bring something different to the table. And joined together, they create something bigger.

This season, our Dream Team consists of neuro life coach and inclusion expert Karlyn Percil, financial educator Martha Adams, and fashion expert Tania Tonello. They’re a powerful three — and you’ll see just what we mean!

This is the beginning of a series focused on helping women from all different walks of life that have one thing in common: a hunger and readiness for change. That’s where our experts come in. Think of them as guides — people who are there to provide a safe, non-judgemental space to grow in, make mistakes, and embrace their complete vulnerability.

In simpler words, it’s a makeover. But these effects last long after all the makeup washes off. We aim to help these women achieve their goals, believe in their dreams, and overall improve their quality of life.

Settle in. We’re about to take you on a heart-warming journey. With that being said, we are so excited to introduce our very first Dream Team candidate — Nadine Williams.


Nadine Williams

Nadine Williams is a poet, artist, and mother. She is an incredibly strong woman who suffers from depression, causing her to make decisions that keep her from prospering. However she has reflected within herself and decided that it was time for a change, and she needs to accept that she needs help in order to get out of this reality.

Nadine reached out to Tracy to have the Dream Team create a plan to help her start a fresh new chapter.

The beginning of this journey started with Nadine welcoming Tracy into her home. Nadine was able to discuss the reasons why she wanted to move forward and reach out for help. They were able to tackle areas that Nadine wanted to see improved in her life.

Steps to a new beginning

Step 1: “Good tool to use in order to tap into her future self”

Neuro-life coach and inclusion expert Karlyn Percil expresses how she thinks Nadine’s journey is progressing so far. “She had so many breakthroughs and was really able to talk through situations with ease,” Percil says.

Nadine has also learned to embrace gratitude. It is important to first become self-aware in order to become appreciative of oneself. 

Being grateful for oneself and our personal accomplishments is just as important as seeing the good in others. It allows us as individuals to take a step back and really appreciate what we have done in our lives and the strengths that we have within ourselves. 

Every day we should take a moment to reflect and think about the things we have done today. First, notice one’s strengths and appreciate the skills we obtain within ourselves. Big or small, they are your strengths. Next, reflect on what went well in your day. Think about the little accomplishments you made throughout the day.

Did you help a neighbour, make someone lunch, or get ready for the day? These small acts can all make you feel good about yourself. If you feel confident in who you are and the way you look, others will notice that confidence too. 

Then we must practise daily self-gratitude. List out loud the things you are grateful for, and hear those words leave your mouth. Sit with them and reflect. Doing these steps daily increases your appreciation for even the little things. (You may find yourself lighting up your own world!)


Step 2: “I’ve made good money. But I’ve also put out good money”

Financial educator Martha Adams came into Nadine’s life in order to help her with money management.

Adams mentioned that what we see on the outside starts from the inside. When internalizing negativity, negative outcomes will show up in your life. It is all about the affirmations you tell yourself. If you think you are going to fail, you probably will. Your mindset is a powerful thing and can change the outlook you have on life. 

You must identify what you want. Think about specific goals or things you want to achieve in your life. Positive self-talk starts within ourselves and is projected into our reality. Rather than focusing on the negatives and giving attention to your past, don’t let the past define you and take up space within yourself. Begin to change the result of your reality with positive self-talk, and focus on what you want to see rather than staying stuck in the past. Adams believes that saying positive affirmations about what you have and what you want will help you reflect it into your reality.


Step 3: “Keep. Sell. Donate.”

Fashion expert Tania Tonello joins Nadine in her bedroom to help declutter her personal space. This will also help make space mentally. One’s physical space can reflect one’s inner self. Keeping a clean and organized space helps keep an organized mind.

Cleaning out her bedroom and closet was an emotional and physical change. It is not as easy as it seems to throw away things from your past. However in order to start fresh, Nadine took each item of clothing and decided that if she did not wear it often, if it has no value to her anymore, then she would donate or sell it.

In our own lives, we sometimes have to think about the external clutter and remove it. We will be more successful in a clean and organized space. Then we can clear our minds and focus more on our lives than the stuff we have in it. 

Having all those clothes removed, was like a weight off Nadine’s shoulders. She could finally breathe.


Everyone can relate to Nadine’s story one way or another. Everyone goes through ups and downs throughout their lives, and it is important to have the tools to overcome these obstacles. Whether they are financial, physical, or emotional, we must take a second to appreciate the things that are good in our lives and put the bad into perspective. Nadine’s story is inspiring and the commitment and dedication she had to change her life is admirable.

By working with our Dream Team, she now has a new outlook on life that will help her to only become more successful in the future.