6 Confidence Products for Breast Cancer Survivors

Learn more about accessible breast cancer products!

Did you know that an estimated 28,600 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year?

Breast cancer is more common than we all realize. It affects people both mentally and physically — even if they are in remission. Lifestyle expert Kim Appelt joins us on the show to give us some helpful products for breast cancer patients and survivors. Appelt herself has been open about her personal struggles with breast cancer and wants to show some of the products that made her journey a bit easier.


Paxman Cooling Cap

  • Research shows that applying ice to the scalp can reduce the effects of chemotherapy and some of its symptoms such as hair loss. Paxman has innovated this research and strives to help cancer patients from around the globe.
  • To learn more about Paxman and their research click HERE.


Knix Ultra Soft Front Closure Bra

Price: $68.00

  • The Knix bra is a soft, seamless-knit and very easy to take on and off. It has an easy front closure and is prosthetic-friendly. It was created in collaboration with customers who have undergone breast surgery of any kind.
  • This allows for an easier recovering post-surgery, since it is gentle around scars and overall painful areas.


New Attitude Nipple Prosthesis

  • After a mastectomy (a surgery where your breast(s), as well as the nipples, are removed to help prevent the treatment of breast cancer). This surgery, while helpful, can cause a lot of mental health and identity issues. When patients look in the mirror they may no longer feel as feminine anymore. New Attitude has created a product to help make women feel more like themselves again.
  • This prosthetic nipple can be applied with an adhesive such as glue and can stay on the body for up to one week. This prosthetic can securely stay on when swimming or showering.
  • This product is designed as an alternative to breast augmentation. This product also works with patients who have undergone breast augmentation surgery as a prosthetic nipple.
  • The New Attitude nipple is also a great alternative to a tattooed nipple, as it is less invasive and not permanent.
  • The brand also offers custom nipple prosthetics — all you have to do is contact them!


KIP Pajamas

Price: $218.00 – 260.00

  • These beautiful soft and stretchy pajamas are made out of cotton, and are so comfortable without all the piling and sagging. They come in three colours and will keep you comfortable pre and post surgery.


Drain Bag

Price: $39.99

  • The J.P. Belt is an accessory designed for complete comfort post surgery. It holds up to four J.P. surgical drain bulbs after breast augmentation, reconstruction and mastectomy.
  • It can be worn for 24 hours a day until drains are removed.
  • It is very easy to use and they have many accommodating belt sizes. Simply place belt around waist, insert drain bulbs into pockets, and adjust length as required.
  • There is also the shower line that will allow you to use while showering to make it easier.


Post-Surgery Seatbelt Pillow

Price: $33.07

  • This post-surgery seatbelt cover can help provide support when coming home after surgery.
  • It is made of a silky soft fabric and is lightweight but still provides the support you need.
  • This seat belt cover is also perfect for any chest surgery.