7 Things the Internet Made Me Buy

These days, it is near impossible to go online without something catching your eye. We’re sure there were nights where you sat on your bed, piling on items into the shopping cart of a site like Amazon. While there might be a few bad apples, it’s quite safe to say that most of the things we buy online tend to become some of our most prized possessions — right?

So, if you’ve ever been influenced to purchase something online, check out lifestyle expert Leigh Ann Allair Perrault’s long list of the things the internet made her buy.




Price: $33.15

Manage and control any switch in your home from your phone with this SwitchBot. This voice-activated device pairs with just about any rocker switch and button of any appliance you own. It is easy to install and will make your life a lot simpler. 



1. Self sanitizing cutting board and knife set

Price: $169.99

This colour-coded cutting board and knife set comes with a holder that can instantly dry and clean your used items with the touch of a button. The board and knives are designed for cutting and handling different foods.


2. Silicone oven rack guard 

Price: $18.99

If you’re clumsy and often burn yourself when taking things out of the oven, then this product is the one for you. This silicone oven rack guard comes with four black oven rack shields and two oven liners. Made of high quality silicone and measured in the perfect sic, you will never have another clumsy burn again!


3. Freezer food storage blocks 

Price: $24.99

These freezer food storage blocks are perfect for anyone who does meal planning. They fit quart-size plastic food storage bags and are a great space saver for freezing liquids. The silicone bands expand as food freezes in the block and can be removed when ready for storage.



1. Rinseroo 

Price: $42.99

This stretchy shower head and sink faucet extender is great for washing larger items that don’t fit into a traditional sink. Since it fits over any sink faucet or shower head, give your pets an outdoor wash by attaching it to your tap in the backyard!



1. Laundry detergent dispenser trays

Price: $10.99

This little guard attaches right onto your laundry detergent dispenser and has a tray to catch the drips. However, if you are someone who places their detergent ready for use in the laundry room, beware of the fact that the tray doesn’t fold and it can be hard for your door to close on it.



Candle warmer

Price: $79.66

Place your candle under the lamp, switch on the warmer and get that amazing scent of your candle in the air without having to burn it! Although the idea behind the product is intriguing, you can always just burn the candle itself.