TikTok's Top Trends for March

Check out our list of all the trending items you need from TikTok!

Everyday, a new product or phenomenon goes viral on TikTok. The platform is responsible for building an incredible amount of businesses, introducing items audiences often don’t believe they need… until they see it. Sound like you?

We’ve rounded up all of the favourite trends from the month of March. From makeup to kitchen products, check out this list!

Beauty & Health:

Ice rollers

For all the self care lovers out there, this ice roller is going to become your new best friend. The coolness of the ice roller helps close pores and promotes blood circulation. For those days when you wake up and your skin feels extra puffy, this roller will help reduce that puffiness and give you a natural lifting effect.

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser 

This concealer from Maybelline is at the top of #BeautyTok’s March favourites, and it’s no surprise why. This concealer has great coverage and gives you a super bright under eye that immediately wakes your face up. Use a beauty blender for a flawless, dewy, and healthy look.

CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara 

If you want to dip your toes into the #Kbeauty trend, try this mascara from popular South Korean brand CLIO. This volumizing, waterproof and smudge proof mascara will lengthen and thicken your lashes. Another plus point? It will last you all day!

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance

The warmer days call for products that make you feel like it. This sunny, beachy scent is packed with notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla. You can spray this on your hair, clothes and linens for a sweet summer scent. 

Home treadmill

Do you find it hard to squeeze in a workout during your long, busy days? A home treadmill might be the product you’re looking for. Place this treadmill under your desk and start walking on it whenever you’re in the mood for a quick workout. One of the many amazing features of this particular product is its low noise motor.  




Every fashion girl has been rocking ribbons these days. Whether it’s in their hair, substituted for shoe laces and belts or as a decor piece for their bags, ribbons are in and not going anywhere. These thin ribbons come in various colours, making them the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Bottega dupe earrings 

Not everyone can buy earrings worth a thousand dollars. These drop earrings are the perfect dupe for the viral Bottega Veneta ones, and they are only $5.99! They come in both gold and silver (which means the chances of you rocking them are pretty high). 



Can strainer

Say goodbye to the messy straining process by getting a can strainer. These strainers often are the perfect size of regular cans, allowing you to pop it over the can and avoid getting your hands wet. There are no corners or crevices for dirt to hide in which makes the strainer very hygienic.

Daisy Jones and The Six novel

These days, it feels like you can’t open TikTok without an edit of the show Daisy Jones and The Six popping up on your For You page. But did you know that the hit Amazon Originals show is based off a book of the same name? Give the novel a read before diving into the TV show.