6 Unique Products to Elevate Your Baking

These unique products will put a one-of-a-kind touch on your baked goods.

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Bakeware can be inspirational! Liven up your baking routine with these unique products, including luxurious Canadian-made sprinkles, custom cake toppers, and engraved cutting boards. Lifestyle Expert Pay Chen shows us 6 of the best baking tools for every level of baker!

Art et Manufacture (La tourtière d’Annette)

Price: $78.75

Cut away quiches, clafoutis, and pies to reveal an eye-catching blue hand-stamped design at the bottom of this stunning tourtiere. The solid base, made from stoneware is microwave and oven safe.

Fleishchmann’s Bread Booster

Price: $4.97

Bake fluffier and softer bread using this Bread Booster. The active wheat gluten allows the dough to rise faster making for an airier textured dough. The ingredients in this unique product also make the bread last longer without the use of preservatives.

Light & Paper (Birthday Cake Topper)

Price: $34.00

Celebrate with this hand-cut birch wood custom cake topper. Add names, ages, or dates to truly make this topper special and personal to you. Place atop specialty cakes, great for birthdays or any other celebratory occasion.

Sweetapolita (Sprinkles)

Price: $10.00

A luxuriously sweet combination of all-Canadian crunchy sprinkles, candy beads, nonpareils, and sugars. The Boutique Hotel Sprinkle Medley is inspired by poolside tropics, palm trees, rattan lounge chairs, and designer wallpaper.

Elk and Elm Home (Kitchen Conversion Cutting Board)

Price: $63.00

A beautifully crafted birch wood cutting board that doubles as a reference for measurement conversions.  A great addition to any countertop in need of a conversation piece.

Alice and Aggies (Casserole Carrier)

Price: $24.00

These colorful, crafty casserole carriers are perfect for keeping your casserole toasty warm at your next neighborhood potluck. Each carrier is completely reversible and fits most 9-inch pie plates or 2.5-quart casserole dishes.