This season's top trending lifestyle products

Lifestyle and trends expert Karen Firsal is here with the top trending lifestyle products for Spring 2023! From tech products that help you sleep, to drinks that give you an energy boost, these products will fuel your mind and body this season.

Selena Vegan Silk Pant

Price: $135.00

Made with a luxuriously soft vegan silk and elastic waistband, these Canadian-made pants are the perfect way to upgrade your fashion game. With a comfortable fit and fashionable look, these pants are a summer staple that can also be worn all year round — and they might even replace your favourite pair of jeans!



Sparkling Ginger + Chamomile


Price: $3.99 per can

Made with only 4 ingredients, Healtea is the perfect alternative to other sugary drinks when you need a pick-me-up. With flavours like Peppermint+Dandelion, Nettle+Rosemary, and Ginger+Chamomile, these drinks are refreshing and full of natural ingredients. Try their drinks available in sparkling and non-sparkling options.

Premier Protein

Vanilla Protein Shake | Premier Protein

Price: $13.97 for a 4-pack

“Proffee” is the latest coffee trend to come off of TikTok, and we’re here for it! Simply mix one of Premier Protein’s protein shakes into your coffee and you’ll get a drink that is packed with 30g of protein in each serving. Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Caramel, this will be the perfect flavour addition to your morning coffee to get you through the day.


Hapbee Smart Wearable

Price: $399.00

Hapbee is a digital wellness platform that promotes improved sleep, focus, and relaxation. Their patented technology targets the bio-receptors in your cells by streaming caffeine and melatonin digitally to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Simply pair the device to the Hapbee app on your phone, place their Smart Wearable tech around your neck, and get that much needed sleep you deserve! The great thing is that when you’re not using their tech to help you sleep, it also works to help enhance your mood, get work done, and relax.

Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

Price: $299.00

The Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad is perfect for those who need to improve their sleep quality. Simply pair the Sleep Pad to the Hapbee app on your phone, place it under your pillow, and you’ll be falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer in no time! Hapbee uses tiny magnetic songs that naturally recreate the sensations of Melatonin, Adenosine and Caffeine without the side effects or the need to ingest anything.

Fibre Wood Boards with Silicone Feet

Fibre Wood Boards with Silicone Feet – Cuisipro

Price: $24.99

Replace your old cutting board with this Fibre Wood Board that will stay in place while you chop away! Dual-sided, durable, and lightweight, these boards are perfect for everyday use from cutting to serving. The best part? They’re eco-friendly, knife-friendly, and dishwasher safe!

Cuisipro All Purpose Eco-Cloth

All Purpose Eco-Cloth | Cuisipro Canada

Price: $4.99

The All Purpose Eco-Cloth is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, dish cloths, and sponges, with one cloth being equivalent to over 40 rolls of paper towel or 6 sponges! Use the eco-cloth without the worry of major bacteria growth with its fast-drying and odour-resistant properties. These cloths are long-lasting and can be washed by hand, in the dishwasher, or in your washing machine!