5 Life-Changing Gadgets For Your Kitchen Pantry

The essential pantry gadgets you didn't know you needed!

Forget the traditional, everyday pantry. There are zero rules in the kitchen — especially in your own. According to lifestyle expert Shoana Jensen, a pantry simply isn’t complete without a few ‘unexpected’ gadgets. We’re talking sustainable and eco-friendly upgrades.

Oh. There’s one more thing — we have a tabletop vacuum cleaner.


Soda Stream Glass

Soda stream - bottle

Price: $219.99

  • A new glass version so it’s more eco-friendly
  • One CO2 tank makes 60L of beverage
  • Saves so many plastic bottles from the landfill and emissions from shipping those bottles
  • Has a sleek design with the new leaver pull – it’s nice enough to add to your pantry countertop
  • There are even Artisan mixers now that can elevate your mocktails and cocktails to another level


Philip Espresso Machine

Expresso machine

Price: $999.99

  • It’s so easy to use and capable of making all the variations of coffee you love 
  • You can use any milk that you want
  • It grinds the beans fresh for each cup
  • Tube-free machine for milk – clean and bacteria free 


Breville Juicer 

Grey juicer

Price: $499.99

  • It has a smaller footprint design
  • It’s pretty enough to keep on the countertop and comes in a bunch of sophisticated colours
  • You can fit a whole apple in the shoot, so you don’t need a ton of prep/space in your pantry to get juicing
  • It also has dishwasher-safe components 


Lomi Kitchen Composter

White composter

Price: $499.00

  • Turns your organics into yummy dirt for your garden
  • It’s a Canadian company
  • Has a sleek design for the countertop
  • Less smelly than traditional compost


Table Vacuum Cleaner

White table vacuum cleaner

Price: $23.50

  • This gadget is for those spills that are messy, but not enough to go get the vacuum
  • Ie. Coffee grounds, crumbs in the drawers, all the little mess goes away in a swipe

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