5 Tips for Over-the-Top Halloween Porch Decorations

One of the best halloween traditions is a spooky decorated porch! Whether you’re a first time decorator or a seasoned pro, DIY expert Leigh Ann Allaire Perrault can help you get your porch in tip-top shape.

Here are her top 5 tips to get a front porch that’s frightfully delightful and bone-chillingly inviting!

1. Go big!

36-inch LED Skelly

Add a spooky touch to your Halloween decor with this 36″ Skelly! Its poseable arms let you wave at Trick-Or-Treaters while its LED eyes give an eerie glare.

Tip: Inflatables are a great way to add some big fun to your porch! Though large, they are easy to store.

Inflatable Kicking Witch Legs in Cauldron

Add some Halloween fun with the Witch Inflatable. Setup is easy – plug in, stake down, and enjoy the magic. Be the talk of the neighborhood with this eye-catching decoration!


Inflatable Jack-O’-Lantern Stack with Witch Hat

Inflatable Jack-O’-Lantern Stack. It’s a spooky addition to your decorations, perfect for indoors and outdoors.


2. Bring on the spooky lighting!

Flicker Flame Lightbulbs for Outdoor Fixtures

Upgrade the bulb design for a lifelike flame effect. This LED flame lamp has four modes: flickering flame, gravity-induced, general light, and breathing.

$50.98 (4-pack)

Solar Stakes 4 Assorted


The solar sensor light can illuminate your outdoor space with a soft, ambient glow. It is designed to automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day, making it the perfect spooky decoration.


Lighted White Ghost Halloween Lawn Stakes

Create a fantastic Halloween display with this colour-changing ghostly lawn stake set. These glowing ghosts are bound to be a crowd-pleaser and a great addition to your haunted house or home decorations!


Colour Changing Light Bulbs

EcoSmart’s A19 Smart LED light bulb lets you customize the light and control it using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can even use Bluetooth when Wi-Fi isn’t working.


3. Window Peekers

DIY Ghost/Alien Silhouettes

Cut shapes out of bristol board and tape them to window – then back light them with colour changing bulbs! This makes a spooky glowing silhouette effect.

Peeking Eyes

Get a set of three animated, spooky, glowing, flashing eyes for your Halloween decorations. These eyeballs move with special technology.


4. Creepy Door Decor

Giant Spiders

Great for your haunted house, this Furry Spider has big legs, a furry body, and flashing red eyes when turned on. Put it on your porch or hang it from a tree for an even scarier vibe.


Black Spider Web Rectangular Halloween Doormat

Welcome your guests with a spooky touch using this spider and web outdoor mat. It’s a sturdy rubber mat that’s great for cleaning shoes and keeping dirt out of your home.


5. Motion Activated Accessories

Skeleton Candy Bowl

Grab candy from the bowl, but watch out for the Grim Reaper. His spooky red eyes flash as he taunts and laughs at trick-or-treaters.



Surprise your guests with Jackyll and Hyde, the pumpkin that changes from a friendly smile to a spooky face. Fun for everyone!”


LED Crow

Add a spooky touch with this animated skeleton crow. It has LED eyes, a moving mouth, tail, and makes realistic sounds.


Animated Dog

This spooky Skeleton Wolf is ready to surprise some Trick or Treaters. With its sharp teeth and crouching pose, it’s a playful addition to your Halloween decor.

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