An Everyday 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial


In the midst of our busy schedules, finding time for a complete makeup routine can be a challenge.  Beauty expert Brittany Gray guides us in achieving a flawless look in just five minutes. Explore the product selection below to streamline your morning routine and save precious time getting ready!


Base: Age Defying BB Cream 

BB Cream Fair

A glow-enhancing beauty balm that effortlessly softens the appearance of fine lines while smoothing the skin’s overall texture.

Base: Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer

Concealer: Wake Up Call Concealer / Perk Up  


Wake Up Call

The “Wake Up Call” – your go-to complexion-enhancing concealer pen. More than just an under-eye cover, it’s your quick fix and instant confidence booster for any time of the day.

Concealer: Other Available Options

Blush: Almost Famous / French Kiss / Amour or Le Luxe 

French Kiss

This creamy matte blush features warm nude and peachy apricot undertones, making it an ideal choice for individuals with fair to medium deep skin tones.

Blush: Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Flushed – Matte Color for Cheek & Lip

Cream Highlighter: Dew U  


Dew-U is a non-greasy cream-to-powder product with a lightweight, powdery feel. You can apply it on bare skin, over foundation, or as a final touch for a radiant, dewy glow in your makeup routine.

Cream Highlighter: Dewy Cream Highlighter Stick


Bronzer: Maui Mood/ Chisel Me (if time) 

Maui Mood

Maui Mood gives you a warm, golden glow that looks naturally sun-kissed, without any orange or gray tones. It’s a breeze to use for that perfect, effortless look.

Bronzer: Major Sculpt Crème Contour & Powder Bronzer Duo

Face Powder: Flawless Translucent Blotting Powder 


Meet Flawless, the viral setting powder. It’s a weightless, invisible, finely-milled pressed powder that effortlessly eliminates oil and shine without any buildup.

Face Powder: Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder

Brow Gel: Browmance Brow Gel 

Browmance Brow Gel | Fancy Face Shop

“Set It and Forget It Browmance Gel,” your go-to for flawless brows. This tinted gel is specially crafted for busy individuals, offering quick and efficient brow taming, filling, thickening, and setting in just 30 seconds!

Brow Gel: Boy Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel-Pomade

Mascara: L’oreal Telescopic Mascara 

Telescopic Original Mascara lengthens your lashes dramatically and provides distinct separation, enhancing each individual lash.

Lip Tint: Coquette Lip Slick 

Coquette Bundle

The versatile #FancyFaceFormula delivers deep hydration and a subtle hint of color to your lips, transforming into a customized, long-lasting lip stain.

Lip: Rouge G Refillable Lipstick

One step eyeshadow: Wanderlust


Wanderlust is a loose, high-definition eye pigment enriched with multi-dimensional micro-reflects. It’s the ideal choice for anyone seeking to elevate their eye makeup game, regardless of age, skin type, or tone.

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