3 High-Tech Hair Tools for Professional Results

These next-gen tools are not only guaranteed to cut your styling time in half, but they take damage-prevention seriously with new intelligent heat control technology — they’re not going to stand a chance against the older models (that most of us own right now).

Hairstylist and expert Allison Hill broke down 3 tools changing the game on the market:

Curl Secret Ceramic Auto 3/4 Barrel Curler

What’s new about this product? It has a ‘feed in’ hair tangle-free technology for worry-free styling. It can achieve 3 types of curls: defined, loose and wavy, and can curl in 3 directions: left, right or alternating. Plus, there are 5 different heat settings with Conair’s Curl Secret ceramic technology to ensure even distribution of heat that prevents damage and keeps hair healthy-looking.

What else? Conair’s Curl Secret now has a memory function and will default to your previous settings so you can style your hair faster than ever before.

Pro Tip: If your hair is natural, blow dry and flat iron first for a smooth finish!


Dyson Airstrait Straightener 

The Airstrait is a new way to stretch and straighten all hair types from wet, with no hot plates or heat damage. It is meant to simplify your routine to achieve a natural straight style with a smooth shiny finish, fast.

Cool feature: Intelligent heat control. Glass bead thermistors measure the temperature of the airflow up to 30 times per second to prevent heat damage and protect hair’s natural shine. This data is sent to the microprocessor which regulates the heating element, ensuring airflow doesn’t exceed the temperature required.

Pro Tip: Best for Medium to fine-density textures


RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer

What’s new about this? Well, the shape and ease, for one! With the ‘feed-in’ technology, no blow dryer or brush dexterity is needed. This tool dries hair up to 3x faster with less tangling! There are 7 different tension settings and 3 heat settings.

Bonus: This is the only hair tool that can also dry extensions, twist-outs, braids, locs and wigs in half the time!

Pro tip: This tool works best with thick/high-density hair types. Use in 3-inch diameter and detangle hair first! (60-90 secs per section)

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