Head-to-Toe Beauty Products In the Season's Hottest Colour

We're ravishing in all-things red.

Red is the colour of boldness and power, making a strong statement while symbolizing passion and energy. Whether you wear it fully or add a touch to your accessories, red adds personality to your style. There’s a shade for everyone — shop yours below!


1. Nails

 ASAP Apple – Insta-Dri

Insta-Dri® Fast-Dry Nail Colour

This fast-drying in shade Cinnasnap leaves gives a shiny, bright red colour. Great for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to apply a classic red shade on their nails.

Perfect Manicure Press on Nails – ASAP Apple

Salon Effects® Perfect Manicure™ press-on nails, Premium fake nails available in coffin, square, oval and almond

There are also these convenient red press-on nails in shade ASAP apple, if that’s more your thing!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Duo Pack:

Peppermint to Be

Baking Spirits Bright 

Oh Ginger Snap!

A classic red hue with a gel-like finish that doesn’t require a UV light. The two-step system includes a colour polish and a sealing top coat, lasting up to 8 days.

Cinnasnap – Insta-Dri

Insta-Dri® Fast-Dry Nail Colour

The Cinnasnap shade has been crafted with a base and top coat to ensure long-lasting durability and a brilliant, glossy finish.


Top Coat

After you apply the red colour, you put on the top coat. It makes the red colour look shinier and brighter while also keeping it safe from damage!


This primer is essential for achieving a stunning, shiny red manicure. This product functions by priming the nails, smoothing out imperfections, and prepping the nail surface.


2. Lips

Kylie Cosmetics Tinted Lip Butter – Moving On

Tinted Butter Balm

The Kylie Cosmetics Butter Balm is a lip balm that gives long-lasting colour and keeps lips moisturized for 12 hours. It contains Jojoba Oil to make lips smooth, soft, and shiny with a colourful finish.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss – Ooh La La 

Oh My Gloss! Lipgloss

For a slight touch of colour, Lori suggests a red translucent gloss. It’s great for the TikTok-famous “strawberry girl” trend, giving a subtle red shine that’s perfect for daytime wear.

CoverGirl Exhibitionist Lipstick – Real Red

This lipstick in real red is a warm shade that looks beautiful on olive and deeper skin tones.

Gucci Glow and Care Lipstick – Goldie Red

This red shade was the beginning of the Gucci beauty line. It’s an iconic red that keeps winning awards every year. Universally flattering, it’s a beauty essential to keep in your date night bag.


3. Cheeks 

CoverGirl TruBlend So Flushed Blush – Hot Frenzy

TruBlend So Flushed Blush & Bronzer

When applied lightly on the cheeks, this warm red shade looks amazing on olive or dark skin tones. It adds a nice warmth to the face. Pair it with a warm red lip for a striking all-red look.

Gucci Blush de Beaute – Intense Plum

Gucci Beauty offers their Intense Plum blush shade. Smooth and playful, it’s versatile, perfect for both cheeks and eyes, creating a subtle flush or a bold look.

4. Fragrance 

Calvin Klein – My Euphoria

Calvin Klein My Euphoria Eau de Parfum


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