4 cocktails for your girls' night in

Kick your girls night in off with these homemade cocktails!


Lifestyle expert Lisa Chang has 4 unique cocktails that you can make at home for your girls night in! With just a few simple ingredients and some of your favourite liquors, you can whip these up in minutes and make it your own. From iced coffee to a dark ginger beer cocktail, we have a drink for everyone!


Berry Moscow Mule


Dark and Crabbie Cocktail


Bailey’s Iced Coffee Method

  1. Pour your  favourite Bailey’s flavour over ice cream, mix into coffee, or enjoy it with ice for an classic moment with a twist.

Berry Moscow Mule Method

  1. Start with your frozen berries of choice in your glass and add some ginger ale or club soda. Top it off with Pink Whitney.
  2. Add some honey to taste, mint leaves and lime. Enjoy!

Gin-secco Method

  1. Start with your lemon slices in the glass and add some prosecco.
  2. Top it off with your Whitley Neill gin, add some lemon juice to taste for a zesty kick!

Dark and Crabbie Cocktail Method

  1. Start with your cranberries, orange, cinnamon stick and rosemary in the glass.
  2. Add in your Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and a splash of spiced rum for an extra punch and enjoy!