Holiday drinks you can make with a Nespresso machine

The ease of Nespresso brewing, with a twist!

Chef Matt Dean Pettit teamed up with Nespresso to brew up some warm and cozy holiday drinks! Using Nespresso’s 2023 limited edition holiday flavours, these drinks are easy to make and sure to impress.

Today we’re using the limited edition Festive Black Double Espresso flavour to brew up two unique drinks – there’s something for everyone.



If you’re looking for a sweeter holiday drink, you should try the Merry Marshmallow Latte!

If you’ve got less of a sweet tooth, you’ll love the Alpine Double Espresso Martini! A stronger option that still keeps that festive spirit.


Merry Marshmallow Latte

Alpine Double Espresso Martini


Merry Marshmallow Latte

Sweet, simple and delicious – a classic holiday drink!

  1. Pour 120ml of 1.5% milk directly into your Nespresso Barista device or your Aeroccino 4.
  2. Close the lid and select the “Latte Macchiato” recipe on your device and press the start button.
  3. Brew 80ml of Festive Black Double Espresso into your “Nespresso Mug”.
  4. Pour the hot milk and foam in your Nespresso Mug.
  5. Place 2 to 3 Marshmallows on top and garnish with a fir branch. Sprinkle some chocolate as desired.

Alpine Double Espresso Martini

Here’s how you can take this woody and spicy blend to the next level:


  1. Brew 80ml of Festive Black Double Espresso into your cocktail shaker.
  2. Add 20ml of sugar syrup, 40ml of apricot brandy and 3 ice cubes (30g each) into your shaker. Close it and shake vigorously for 20 seconds.
  3. Pour your recipe into your Nespresso Martini Glass.
  4. Rinse your shaker, place 1 ice cube (30g), 30ml of cream 3.5% and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
  5. Scoop the cream from the shaker into your Nespresso Martini Glass with a spoon.
  6. Cut a dry apricot into 3 pieces and place it on a toothpick with a fir branch as garnish.

Replacements: Apricot brandy can be replaced by Vodka with apricot liqueur or apricot syrup.