Watermelon cake

Enjoy your favorite summer fruits in the form of a cake!



Using a large knife, cut a small slice of one side of the watermelon. Rest the watermelon on the flat side of the cutting board to cut safely.

Cut a thick slice from the centre of the melon. The width of this will be the height of your cake tier. Put the two end pieces aside.

Lay the slice flat. You can cut out the cake tier out one of two ways:

  • Using the small knife vertically,  cut where the pink meets white around the edge of the melon. Make a slice in the skin and pull the skin apart to repeat your cake tier! Trim or round the edges if need be.
  • Using a large knife, cut slices of skin off the edges around the slice. You’ll have flat edges, but they can be trimmed and rounded after all the skin is removed.

For the end pieces, trim and cut into same diameter smaller rounds than the larger tier. One watermelon can be used to make one full tier and two half tiers.

Using toothpicks, secure and stack tiers together then decorate!

Get creative!  Try slicing fruit and using fun cutters (heart shaped kiwi or dragonfuit) or interesting shaped fruit like star fruit. HAVE FUN!

Make ahead if need be and refrigerate until needed. If transporting, its best to move the layers separately, not assembled.