French cheese raclette

Enjoy a cheese-filled après-ski meal!


Cheese lovers, this one’s for you! Get ready for a whole lot of cheesy goodness with this recipe for a French raclette, courtesy of chef Matt Dean Pettit. Raclette is a traditional après-ski meal that is based around melted cheese, and is popular in many Alpine countries. While Switzerland supplies about 80% of the world’s raclettes, French raclettes are slightly softer with a smooth and creamy flavour.

Plus, to inspire your appetite before your meal, Matt also has some simple instructions for a classic French cocktail made two different ways: a Kir cocktail, and a Kir Royale. Let the fun begin!


  1. First, previously cook all the potatoes, sausages, and set on a large serving platter.
  2. Add the ham, prosciutto, spinach, pickles, beets, and apples to the platter.
  3. Cut the cheeses to have all the raclette cheese fit into into individual pans for your raclette grill or oven.
  4. Before using your raclette grill/oven spray your individual pans with cooking spray and start to have your guests make their own raclette trays. They can add meat, fruit etc.
  5. Let cook for 4-5 minutes until melted through.
  6. Once the cheese has melted, scoop off the cheese melt onto the potatoes and let the fun begin!

Kir Cocktails:

  • To make the Kir cocktail, simply pour 1 oz of Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) into the wine glass and top it with the Aligote French wine. 
  • To make the Kir Royale, simply pour 1 oz of the Cassis into the wine glass and top with sparkling wine this time instead of the Aligote wine.