French lemon chicken with buttery capers

An elegant and easy weeknight meal!

Say goodbye to boring, dry chicken breasts with this flavourful recipe for French lemon chicken with buttery capers, courtesy of Cookbook Author Claire Tansey. Don’t be fooled by the name—’French’ chicken is actually a beloved Italian-American recipe that dates back to the 1950s.

Serve this dish with your favourite freshly-cooked pasta and Claire’s glazed carrots for an elegant but easy weeknight meal that the whole family will enjoy! Plus, if you’re looking for something a little different, switch out the chicken breasts for chicken thighs, tilapia, or haddock.



  1. Carefully slice each chicken breast in half horizontally, starting at the thicker end. Place 2 pieces in a freezer bag. Use a mallet or a heavy frying pan to gently but firmly pound the meat evenly, until it’s about ½ -inch thick. Remove the chicken to a plate and repeat with the remaining 2 pieces. Sprinkle the chicken all over with the salt.
  2. Lightly whisk the egg in a wide, shallow bowl, then whisk in the milk. Pour the flour into a separate wide, shallow bowl. 
  3. Dip one chicken piece into the flour, coating it on all sides. Gently tap off the excess, then dip it into the egg mixture and let the excess drip off, then place the breaded chicken on a baking sheet or large plate. Repeat with the remaining chicken.
  4. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large, wide frying pan over medium-high. Once it’s hot (it will shimmer a bit), carefully add the chicken pieces, making sure there is lots of space around each one (if there isn’t, do this in 2 batches). Cook about 2 minutes per side, or until golden, then remove to the plate or baking sheet. 
  5. Wipe out the pan with paper towels. Return to medium heat and add the butter. Once it melts, add the wine, capers and reserved and lemon juice and cook until the liquid reduces to about ¼ cup (this will take 3 – 5 minutes). Add the chicken broth and simmer for about 5 minutes or until it reduces by about half. Add the chicken pieces and simmer very gently, turning them over a few times, until cooked through, 6 – 8 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley or tarragon if you like.

Optional: Add 250g (half a pound) cooked pasta to the remaining sauce and stir well to coat. Otherwise, serve the sauce drizzled over the chicken.