Indulgent creamy lobster spaghetti

This indulgent creamy white wine lobster dish is the perfect focal dish for you New Year's Eve bash.

20 min
2 hrs 20 min



Clean lobster meat from outer shell and separate.

In a large rondo sauté pepper, celery, onion, carrots with aromatics. Add lobster shells and cook on medium heat to achieve colour on the pot. Hit with tomato’s and white wine. Roast in oven for 15 minuets to get a toasted nutty aroma from the shells.

Place back on stove and top with stock. Reduce to 1/3 and strain.

In a fresh pot add cream and bring to boil.   Reduce until you have a thicker sauce it should glaze the back of a spoon. Bring spaghetti up to temperature and add to sauce.  Add lobster, season with salt and pepper a touch of lemon juice and toss.

Try to spiral the pasta and plate it tall, garnish with chopped chives.