Method R prime rib sandwich

For your post new years celebration, chow-down on this sandwich at 1:30am for a really good time!



  1. Rubdown room temperature prime rib with all ingredients. Place on a baking tray and pop in the oven at 450 degrees convection 5 minutes per pound. 5 lb is 25 min. 6 lb is 30. Got it? Good. Set a timer and turn the oven off when the timer goes off.
  2. Do not open oven door!!!!!!!! Ever!!! Trust the method R and it will treat you right. Set another timer for 3 hours.
  3. Once 3 hours pass remove roast and carve.
  4. For the ultimate late night sandwich, slice pepper thin and pile high on a panini loaf.
  5. Add garlic rapini, caramelized onions, cream Fraiche, horseradish and provolone. Slice in 2,4 or 6-inch pieces