Chef Randy's No-Fuss Cheeseburger

This juicy and one-of-a-kind cheeseburger recipe is the perfect addition to your next family barbecue!




  1. Cut medium ground beef into 6oz portions. Very carefully mold into a perfect burger patty 15% larger than your bun.
  2. Season with salt and pepper
  3. In a smoking hot grill pan sear, do not push poke or touch. When a crust has appeared you now can flip. 2-3 minutes Add two slices of cheese to the crusted side. Do not smash, do not poke, let them sear in peace and lock in all the beautiful juices.
  4. Warm buns on bbq and dress with toppings.
  5. Remove cheeseburgers from heat and introduce to the dressed buns.