Unilateral salmon with cherry herb dressing

A perfectly cooked salmon that is hot and crispy on the bottom, but moist and tender in the centre.



  1. Put a cast iron pan on low heat. Rub the skin of the salmon with the grapes seed oil and place the salmon skin side down on the pre heated cast iron pan. At first slightly move the salmon around on the pan to insure it does not stick. Sprinkle the top flesh side of the salmon with the soft herbs and sea salt. Allow to slowly cook. Time may vary depending on temperate of the pan. You are looking for the top of the salmon to still be a little pink.
  2. In a large mixing bowl crush the fresh cherries with the white wine vinegar, half the soya bean oil and chopped herbs
  3. In a fry pan slowly warm half the soya bean oil. Lightly warm the beets, radishes, green onions, zucchini’s, peas, beet greens and cooked farro seed. Season with salt pepper.
  4. Once the salmon is just cooked  you are ready to serve.
  5. Simple portion the warm farmers vegetables onto the plate followed with the slow cooked salmon and then topped with the cherry dressing.