BBQ trout ribs with fresh corn grits and kimchi slaw

A sustainable meal made of leftovers!



  • Make corn stock with cobs, jalapeños scraps, pepper scraps, and shrimp shells. Stain through a sieve into a blender and add half the corn mash. Turn blender on high and add butter. Blend until smooth. Put aside until assembly.
  • Heat olive oil and add corn mash. Cook until thickens. Add butter and parmesan and stir. Put aside until assembly.
  • Julienne cut all the veg for slaw and make dressing with kimchi (kimchi is made with fermenting kitchen scraps and napa cabbage) kimchi was made 5 days ago. Dress slaw veg with dressing.
  • Heat oil for deep frying. Season trout rib bones with fish sauce and dust with cornstarch. Deep fry in oil until ribs are golden and crispy. Remove ribs from oil and drain on kitchen paper towels. Fry corn silks and transfer to kitchen paper towel.



  • Place a dollop of corn grits in the centre of the plate.
  • Brush fried trout rib with bbq sauce and place on top of grits.
  • Place slaw on top of rib and place crispy corn threads on top of slaw. Drizzle sauce around the grits and enjoy.