Cabernet fig, eggplant caviar and blue cheese tart

Dive into deliciousness with this savoury tart.



Eggplant Caviar:

  1. Cut the large eggplant in half lengthwise and lay on a baking tray skin down. Using a pairing knife, score the flesh of the eggplant to allow even cooking.
  2. Drizzle the extra virgin olive oil, finely chopped garlic, thyme leaves and only half of the sherry vinegar. Place in a 400-degree oven and roast until the flesh is cooked.
  3. Once cooked remove from the oven, using a small spoon scoop out the flesh from the skin and blend until smooth. Season with salt, pepper and more olive oil if needed. Set aside to chilled.

Cabernet Figs:

  1. Pour the cabernet wine into a pot with the ground ginger. Bring to a boil and reduce by half.
  2. Once reduce remove from the heat. Cut the figs in half lengthwise and drop them into the reduced wine. Set aside from the heat to chill.

Pear Salad:

  1. Core the pear and cut into fine julienne. Place in a bowl with the toasted walnuts, blonde endive and dress with the remaining sherry vinegar and a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt, peper and serve.


  1. Once the eggplant caviar is chilled, spoon in a thin layer in the bottom of the tart shells. Then place three halves of the chilled cabernet figs and a quarter of the crumbled blue cheese on each tart.
  2. Place in a 425-degree oven to warm through and soften the blue cheese. Remove and serve topped with the pear and walnut salad.