Jamaican 'spicy peppa' shrimp

Savour the flavour, not the heat!

Chef Tre Sanderson is here to demonstrate that you can enjoy fantastic flavour with a touch of heat. We’re cooking Peppa shrimp — a homemade version of a classic Jamaican delicacy, to prove that great flavour doesn’t always need intense spiciness!


  1. Mix all ingredients together and marinade for at least 24 hours or overnight.
  2. Grab a stainless steel pan and heat pan up until smoky, then add oil to pan coating the hot pan with oil. Place shrimp in hot pan searing shrimp flip after 1 minute.
  1. Deglaze pan with fish stock and reduce by 1/3. Add butter off heat.


Optional: Add 1 Tbs Fresh Thyme (Minced), 10 g Ginger (Minced)