Pork and shrimp wontons

Bring the whole family together with this warm and comforting dish!




Dipping sauce


Prep & Assembly

  1. Add all wonton ingredients to mixing bowl, mix thoroughly with utensils or hands
  2. Using teaspoon, add wonton mixture to wrapper
  3. With fingertips, grab all ends of wrapper, bunch and dab water, press to seal
  4. Place on plate or sheet with light flour
  5. Repeat


  1. In a medium pot, fill with water and bring to a boil
  2. Once boiled, turn heat down to a simmer
  3. Add wontons gently into water 8-10 at a time
  4. Allow wontons to cook 5-7 minutes or until they float to the top
  5. Remove and strain
  6. In separate pot bring broth up to temperature
  7. In 1 cup of broth, add cooked wontons in serving bowl, garnish with chopped spring onions
  8. Add all dipping sauce fluids in side dish, add ginger to top
  9. Serve with dipping sauce

Yield – 4 servings, 6 wontons each

Prep time – 20-25 minutes

Cook time – 8-10 minutes