Sesame watermelon vegan tuna

The future is vegan!

Embrace veganism with this delicious vegan tuna recipe made with watermelon!

Chef Jason Parsons shares his recipe for Sesame Watermelon “Tuna” with Asian-inspired flavours that you’ll be eating in no time. This dish is the best vegan alternative for the tuna that you love to eat in sushi or as sashimi, and it’s plant-based and easy to make at home. Challenge yourself in the kitchen by making vegan alternatives of your favourite dishes, like sushi, and watch as this watermelon transforms and takes on the texture and taste of tuna! You might not go back to eating real tuna again!



  1. Remove the rind from the watermelon and slice one inch thick into large steaks.
  2. Mix all the above ingredients except for the sesame seeds and the actual watermelon in a casserole dish. Then place the sliced watermelon into the marinade and cover both sides of the watermelon. Bake at 350 for one hour or until the texture of the watermelon becomes soft like tuna.
  3. Now chill, slice and serve sprinkled with white sesame seeds.