Vegan garden herb pesto with cashew parmesan

A 'cheesy' vegan spin on pesto pasta!

Chef Jason Parsons shares a delicious pesto pasta recipe with a vegan cheese that you can make from home — or anywhere!


Pesto Method: Simply blend all the ingredients until smooth a set aside.

Cashew Parmesan Method: Using a food processor, combine all the ingredients until a crumb texture. Remove and set aside.

  1. Cook the vegan pasta in salted boiling water
  2. Once cooked remove and place in a pan with a generous serving of the pesto (If the pesto is too thick you can add a bit more olive oil to create more of a sauce texture)
  3. Then add in the vegetable ribbons and sundried tomatoes.
  4. When warm through, season with salt, pepper and serve.
  5. Garnish with cauliflower parmesan and fresh herbs.

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