Gluten-free caprese salad

A gluten-free super summer treat!


This salad is sure to become your next summer favourite!

Dr. Joey Shulman shared her recipe for Caprese Salad with gluten-free pasta that will leave you wanting more. With superfood ingredients like tomatoes and basil, adding a gluten-free pasta, such as chickpea pasta, will make for a satisfying and filling meal. Dr. Joey says that chickpea pasta has 23g of protein per serving, making it the perfect addition to this salad!



  1. Cook the pasta according to the package, drain well and allow to cool. 
  2. Chop fresh basil 
  3. Combine garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix together. 
  4. Combine pasta, basil, cherry tomatoes 
  5. Add dressing and mix together – enjoy!