Grilled escarole salad with prosciutto and chestnuts

Chef Massimo Capra and expert interior designer Brian Gluckstein team up to show you how to make a grilled escarole salad with prosciutto and chestnuts!



Pickled shallots


Grilled Escarole, Prosciutto & Chestnut with Pears, Asiago, Pickled Shallots


  1. Boil the vinegar vit the sugar and salt, make sure it is well dissolved
  2. Pour over the shallots and wrap well with plastic wrap, steep until cold

For the Pears:

  1. Cut the pears in half and clean the seeds
  2. Place on a lined baking sheet and sprinkle with some sugar (1 tbsp should do) and a pinch of salt.
  3. Bake at 350 F until pears are tender. Cool well before using. Slice thinly and set aside.

For the prosciutto di parma:

  1. Place the slices of Prosciutto on a lined greased baking tray and bake at 350 F until crisp, remove from the oven and cool completely.

For the grilled escarole:

  1. Cut the escarole in quarters and wash well, drain the water, and padded dry.
  2. Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil and grill on a smoking hot surface for a minute on each side, scorching is good overcooking is not, the escarole should be still crunchy and raw.
  3. Remove from fire and chop coarsely, set aside.


  1. Place the chopped escarole in a bowl, add the pears, some of the shallots, asiago, chestnut, dress with a little
    balsamic vinegar and olive oil, toss well and them
  2. Start by placing a little salad in the center of a plate, place a slice of prosciutto on top, add a little more salad and another slice of prosciutto, top with a little more salad and one final slice of prosciutto. Sprinkle some more asiago and shallots and serve.