Grilled romaine and radicchio salad

Chef Devan Rajkumar is grilling up radicchio, treviso and romaine on the BBQ!


Jalapeno-Caesar Vinaigrette


  1. Pre-heat BBQ to high heat.
  2. Oil jalapenos and add to grill, char on all sides then remove.
  3. Using a pairing knife remove skin, stem and seeds.
  4. Add jalapeno flesh and all ingredients in to a blender and blend until emulsified, store in fridge for up to one week.
  5. Oil and season peaches and grill for 45 seconds a side and remove.
  6. Brush romaine and radicchio with oil and salt and pepper on both sides.
  7. Place directly onto racks and grill for one minute a side and remove. Suggested plating is family style.
  8. Using an appropriate dish or platter lay down the romaine and place radicchio all around.
  9. Place down peaches and top with vinaigrette, tomatoes and parmesan shards.