Easy croquettes

These delicious tapas are surprisingly easy to make!


Chef Randy Feltis just got back from his trip to Spain, and he was so inspired by the culture. Here is his recipe for easy croquettes, one of his three tasty tapas recipes the whole family can enjoy!



Serves 4-8

Prep time 6 minutes 

Cook time 45 minutes 

Chill time 1-3 hours 

  1. In a large saucepan toast flour butter till blonde.
  2. Slowly incorporate room temperature milk 250  mL at a time until smooth. Should take about 20 minutes, season with salt pepper and nutmeg.
  3. Add beef stock and cook for another 20 minutes until stiff.
  4. Add Iberian ham and chill.
  5. Add quenelle egg mixture into flour, then egg wash
  6. Dip into breadcrumbs.
  7. Fry in oil at 350° until golden brown and delicious.
  8. Serve with a smile!

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