Ham and goat cheese croquettes

Easy and delicious Croquettes recipe

Chef Jason Parsons joins us with a ham and goat cheese croquettes recipe.

“It’s basically a vessel for all the flavourful things that you love.”



You will need three shallow pans, one with the flour, next with the spiced panko and the last with the mixed eggs and milk.

Season all three pans with salt and pepper. Then lay the in the order of flour, egg, panko. Now you rolled the chilled firm croquettes in the flour. If the croquettes don’t firm in the fridge, you can freeze them first.

After rolling them in flour, live and tap off any access. They should be just a thin coat of flour over the entire surface of the croquette.

Now dip it into the egg mixed and make sure again the entire surface is covered.

Lastly remove from the egg mix and roll in the panko, making sure they have an even crust. If you wish to have a thicker crust you can return them to the egg mix and then again into the breadcrumbs.

When you are done breading them, chill in the fridge before cooking. To cook you can either deep fried or shallow fry them in a pan until golden brown. Serve when crisp and warm through.