Chocolate fat bombs

Super easy to make and wildly delicious!

As a busy single guy with a full time job, a full time dog, and a busy list of extracurriculars, I don’t always have the time to cook extravagant meals. I need things that are quick, tasty and not overly indulgent.
I’m going to share with you one I prepare for the week to have as a quick grab & go.

These are delicious, full of healthy fats, are easy to make and actually quell your little hunger bursts during the day. I often pop one in my mouth on my way out the door if it’s going to be awhile before my next meal. Obviously, you don’t want to eat too many of these in one day as they are full of good fats, but it’s still fat! If you’re on Keto, these are a keto staple, but you don’t have to be on keto. These are also great for after dinner when you’re craving dessert and is much better option than eating a pie, cake ice cream or something else super indulgent. They’re super easy to make and wildly delicious. They’re also vegan, paleo, keto, dairy free, low carb, and have no baking involved. 



First mix ingredients in a large bowl until smooth and well mixed. It should should stir fairly easily and if it’s too thick, add a little more coconut oil.

Pour into ice tray. I like to add a pecan or walnut into each ice try square. 

Freeze, and enjoy!



good source of fat