Thai-inspired tofu spring rolls with a Thai peanut sauce

Eat the rainbow!

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Eating your veggies has never been so fun and delicious!

A colourful diet is a great way to boost your health and vitality, so why not eat the rainbow? Culinary Nutritionist Trudy Stone shares her recipe for Rainbow Thai tofu spring rolls that are packed with veggies and nutrients that have amazing health benefits. These are the perfect lunch or snack to get you through the day.



Thai Peanut Sauce


  1. Drain tofu, wrap in a cloth or paper towel, and place on a plate. Place something heavy on top like a cookbook and let it sit for 30 minutes. (This removes the excess moisture so that the tofu gets more crispy when you cook it).
  2. Pat the tofu dry and cut into slices. 
  3. Heat a pan over medium high heat with olive oil or coconut oil, and cook the tofu in a single layer until golden on each side, about 5 minutes. Sprinkle them with salt while cooking. Add more oil if needed.
  4. Remove the tofu from the pan and slice into pencil sized pieces. Sprinkle with a bit more salt.
  5. Place the rice paper wrapper in a shallow dish of water for about 30-45 seconds until it becomes pliable. 
  6. Remove from water and lay on a flat surface like a cutting board or plate. First, place the radishes in the center. Then, layer down the spinach, avocado, tofu and the rest of your veggies. 
  7. Roll up the spring rolls and repeat until the rest of the spring rolls are rolled up. Top the spring rolls if desired with sesame seeds and cilantro. 
  8. Finally, to make the sauce, mix together all the sauce ingredients.
  9. Serve the spring rolls with dipping sauce and enjoy the rainbow!