Dealing with race and culture on daytime TV

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Anniversary week continues with a look back at Cityline’s willingness to tackle the topics nobody else was talking about on television! Tracy Peart and Teri Hart sit down to discuss their personal connections to some groundbreaking segments on the show that embraced body positivity with fashion for all sizes and frank discussions about infertility. Kathie Donovan then joins us for a conversation about ageing; plus, Cat & Nat are here to celebrate how the show embraced “Real Talk” for mothers; and Shobana Lakkavally, Karlyn Percil and Zehra Allibhai joins Tracy for a panel discussion on dealing with race and culture on daytime TV and why representation matters! Finally, Tracy gets a lovely surprise when several authors she has featured in her book club share their appreciation for being highlighted on the show.
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