Want to double your outfits, but not your budget?

Want to double your outfits, but not your budget? Stylist Janice Meredith has amazing ways you can maximize your wardrobe. Then, pop culture expert Kathleen Newman-Bremang has a special Fashion Friday edition of Worth Watching, to fill your screens with style! Plus, beauty expert Tracy Peart is showing you how to fake an eyelift with your makeup, and DIY expert Monique Taylor Yee Shui has ideas to turn Christmas castoffs into fashionable treasures.

Why the Canadian healthcare system is leaving women behind.

Colour psychology: Sharon Grech tells us what it’s all about and how to incorporate the principles into your own décor. Then, financial expert Bruce Sellery breaks down what you need to know this tax season in light of the pandemic, while Chef Paul Lillakas is giving your immune system a boost with a red curry recipe. Plus, a powerhouse panel discusses how and why the Canadian healthcare system is leaving women behind.

Get out of last year's slump!

Get out of that style slump: Mosha Lundstrom Halbert shows you how to turn your wardrobe woes into wins! Plus, Mairlyn Smith is spilling the beans on why fibre is your friend, and Dr. Joey Shulman has fixes to break bad eating habits for good in 2021. And, Shoana Jensen is sharing a big update on her major house renovation, while author Timothy Caulfiend joins us to talk about dealing with misinformation in the age of anxiety.

Get outside this winter!

Get outside this winter! Fitness expert Stacy Irvine is here to help you embrace the season with activity ideas you’ll love to try. Then, designer Brenda Danso shows you how to reclaim the unused space in your garage, while culinary nutritionist Trudy Stone puts a healthy twist on a takeout favorite in the Daily Dish. Plus, beauty expert Shobana Lakkavally has the scoop on 2021’s top beauty trends, while hairstylist Jason Lee shares pro tips on extending the life of your salon color.
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Turn your New Year's resolutions into goals worth pursuing!

This is the year to make your small business dreams come true, and entrepreneur Vivian Kaye is helping you get started. Then, lifestyle expert Sarah Gunn has clever hacks to clear the clutter and tidy up, while career coach Sarah Vermunt will have you #goaldigging with her advice to narrow down your NY resolutions into goals worth pursuing. Plus, the Daily Dish gets souped up with Micah Trainor’s homemade pho recipe.