Cityline tests all the products you want to know about!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Today Cityline tests all those products you want to know about.  We test 5 different shapewear and tell you which fits best and why.  Janice Meredith matches the shape war styles to the clothing styles of the season - including the very desirable Kim Kardashian shape wear line.  Shoana tests the $25 hairdryer compared to the $500 one.  Chef Randy Felts puts non stick frying pans to the rest and answers the question “do I need to spend $100 on a frying pan”. Beauty expert Bahar Niramwalla looks at home hair removal kits!

Suit up with the best ways to rock a pant suit!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Fashion Friday and Iva Grbesic is inspiring us to suit up with the best ways to rock a pantsuit. Tracy Peart has the multi-purpose makeup sticks that will make your beauty routine easier than ever, while Michelle Oliver shares the scoop on the “skinification” of hair. Plus, Jamie Pandit has the best statement sleeves to wear this spring, and our glam squad is giving a selfless sister the makeover of her dreams!

Great home decor related gift ideas

Home Day with Host Tracy Moore. Cityline Rewind: 2013. Guest Experts, Brian Gluckstein, Karen Sealy and Antonio Bellusci. Brian "proposes" some great home décor related gift ideas from his Gluckstein Home Bridal Registry; He'll show us two bedrooms he designed for a model home; Karen shows us around a cottage she designed, and Antonio has a diy project to light up your outdoor evening entertaining.

Enjoy summer to the max without having to spend a lot of time cooking meals.

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Cityline Rewind: 2019. Summer is here, and kids are out of school, so let’s enjoy summer to the max without having to spend a lot of time cooking meals! Chef Devan Rajkumar cooks up easy, light and delicious Chicken Tikka lettuce wraps and a Fig, Mozzarella and Prosciutto salad. Chef Randy Feltis shows his take on a classic Niçoise salad and a super simple Scallop ceviche. Chef Massimo Capra has a unique Chicken Paillard Arugula Salad. Plus, summer entertaining doesn't have to be a lot of work, it can be prepped ahead of time and still be creative, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has all the tips and tricks.

One lucky Cityline viewer got a HUGE surprise!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Cityline Rewind: 2019. Imagine coming home to find Shai DeLuca-Tamasi waiting for you on your newly decorated porch! One lucky Cityline viewer got a HUGE surprise … we’ll show you the makeover and give you ideas for decorating your own balcony, no matter what the size. Colin and Justin have tips for bringing the rustic look into a home. And Alexandra Gater makes over her tiny apartment kitchen on a budget and shows colorful, smart storage and décor for the kitchen and the deck.