Lynn Spence has a back-to-school round up to get excited about!

No one wants Summer to end BUT Lynn Spence has a back-to-school round up to get excited about. There’s a golden opportunity to refresh your hair colour. Plus, the beauty market can be a scary place. Bahar Niramwalla brings you the weirdest beauty tools on the web  
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Fashions from Joe Fresh
Cityline discount: JFFALL25 for a 25% discount at


The “Cityline August segment offer” (the “offer”) is valid online only at Save 25% off regular priced items only. To redeem online, enter promotional code JFFALL25 in your shopping bag. Discount is applied before applicable taxes. Any unused value of voucher will be forfeited. Cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers, is not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to previous purchases. Offer valid from August 9, 2019 at 12:01 AM ET to September 6, 2019 at 12:01 AM ET. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of discount and to modify or cancel these promotions due to system error or unforeseen problems.


Necklaces for your neckline segment, all clothing and accessories:
YMCA Cambridge


Shakira Look 1:

Primaloft Puffer Vest

Saddle Bag

Mac Jacket

Classic Fit Shirt

High Rise Ankle Jeans



Alexa Look 1:

Denim Jacket

Pocket Tee

Denim Overalls

Hair Accessory


Brent Look 1:

Messenger Bag

Lace-Up Sneakers

Button-Down Shirt

Shawl Cardi


Primaloft Puffer Vest


Barris Look 1:

Graphic Popover

Woven Joggers

PomPom Beanie

Primaloft Puffer


Amanda Look 1:

Saddle Bag

Workwear Jacket

Space Dye Dress

Print Scarf



Shakira Look 2:

Print Scarf

Stripe Tee

Long Cardi

Slim Jeggings



Alexa Look 2:

Primaloft Jacket

Stripe Legging

Pleather Skirt

Ballet Flats


Brent Look 2:


Rugby Shirt

Bomber Jacket

Vintage Jean


Barris Look 2:

Puffer Jacket

Plaid Shirt

Sleeve Tee

High Top Sneakers


Amanda Look 2:

Crossbody Bag

Neck Midi Dress

Denim Wash Jacket

Stripe Scarf


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Silk'n Revit Prestige Microdermabrasion

• time and money saver that delivers on removing dead skin, stimulating new production AND increasing blood flow
• The Silk’n Revit Prestige uses diamond peeling to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and vacuum stimulation
• Four tips for : fine, regular, body and massage
• visibly reduces the appearance of age spots, irregularities in the skin and shallow acne scars


Cooluli Mini Skin Care Fridge

• This little fridge has been taking the beauty industry by storm!
• ideal for giving your face masks, eye creams, facial rollers that refreshing, chilled boost!
• Cool temps help keep your products active for a longer
• helps inhibit bacterial and fungal growth once the product has been contaminated with fingers
• Once products are exposed to air, they start oxidizing. Refrigeration slows down the oxidation process and keeps them from becoming inactive


Elizabeth Grant Reusable Silicone Face Mask

• Can be used over a face mask, moisturizer, daily serum (such as the Hydra Cell Active
• Help hold in moisture for max absorption
• Wraps over the face with ear loops to secure
The Mask can be cleaned with a gentle cleanser


Lush In-shower Innovations

• Solid Shower Oils

• Jiggly Shower Jellies

• can be frozen for a cool refresher in the shower
• Wonderful cleansing consistency

• Shower Bomb


Beauty Gadgets:

Beauty Bar 24k Gold Facial Massager, $14.99 VS $100 from other brands

YouthLab Radiance Roller

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Bringing back black and white décor in an unpredictable way

Bringing back black and white décor. Arren Williams makes this classic colour scheme anything but predictable. Then, Darling DIYs to display your most memorable trips. Plus, all tile…everywhere. Try this trendy twist on a timeless design.

The how-to guide for gaining control + confidence in your sex life

How to turn your garden vegetables into ‘summer’ on a plate. The flavours of your favourite salad in a chicken dish!  Then, five lessons that will help you connect with the love of your life. Are you ready say goodbye to paper money for good? Bruce Sellery has your lowdown on the costs of going cashless.  
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1. What is the “cashless society”?

• A world where no physical money change hands, ending a 7,000 year-old practice. Most of us use a credit card or a debit card, but have some cash in our wallets. Soon it won’t be a hybrid. It will literally be NO CASH.

• Sweden predicts it will get there by 2023. That’s 4 years!! Maybe it’s10 years out for North America, but it’s coming. There is a lot of new technology that will enable the change – Apple Pay, PayPal, bitcoin, maybe Facebook, and stuff that hasn’t been invented yet.

• I was in a local coffee shop last week and it posted a sign saying that it was going cashless. We will see this more and more.


2. What was the rationale they gave? How did they justify it?

• Safety: You don’t have to carry it, so you can’t lose it and it can’t get stolen. They don’t have to keep cash on-site.

• Ease: Less time spent counting cash, means more time serving customers.

• Hygiene: Coins and paper carry germs. Tapping a card does not.

• They didn’t mention cost, specifically. But I think that’s part of it. It takes time to reconcile the petty cash and walk to the bank and all that.

• The “no cash” signs are very common in Sweden, less so here.


3. What are the pros and cons of cashless? Pros first.

• For businesses, all the benefits the coffee shop mentioned. It reduces “friction” and that is a drag on the economy.

• For society, there should be less money laundering, less tax evasion, fewer weapons deals -- because everything is trackable.

• For the consumer, it is easier. You just have to carry your phone and you’re good to go.


4. What are the cons?

• My big worry is for the consumer. It reduces friction and reduces the “pain” of spending. This is not good. To keep a handle on your money, you want “no friction” on saving, and “lots” of friction on spending. A cashless society doesn’t help you.

• The data shows that we are 1) more impulsive when we pay with credit and buy more unhealthy things. And 2) we have a lower emotional attachment to things we bought on credit.

• I was at the mall last week buying stuff for a trip. I needed a rain coat, new shoes and a new shirt. I just tapped my way through that mall. It would have been MUCH harder to spend if I were peeling off the bills.


5. Will cashless cost us more or less?

• We don’t know yet. Debit is cheaper than credit for retailers because of the inter-change fees. But what happens once cash totally disappears? Will they jack up fees to consumers?

• Will it be like Netflix? Remember when it was like $9? Now we’re addicted to it and we STILL pay even though it costs $1,000 per month.

• There is also a segment of the population that doesn’t have a bank account. Maybe they’re poor and living on social assistance. Or seniors who have a hard time adopting new technology. How do they live in this world?


6. What can you do to help yourself?

• Save first: Automate your savings for retirement, kids’ education. Then you can spend the leftover.

• Use debit, not credit: You WANT to be dealing with constrained resources, versus increasing credit card debt.

• Be vigilante: I have an app that sends notifications when I spend. It makes it more difficult to be mindless.

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1. Why would my dentist suggest orthodontic treatment?

  • An orthodontist is a dentist who has had additional training specifically in moving teeth and can be considered and “expert” in diagnosing the causes for poorly aligned teeth and how best to treat the conditions.  Often, there are subtle and hard-to-see issues that may be overlooked when planning to straighten teeth.


2. Why would my dentist suggest orthodontic treatment?

  • Cosmetics – orthodontics can align the teeth to make them straighter and appear whiter since it eliminates overlaps, crowding and areas that collect stain that would otherwise missed by toothbrush bristles.
  • Anormal bite – problems with teeth hitting each other incorrectly which can lead to excessive wear, chipping, or fractures in a tooth.
  • Jaw pain (TMJ) – Tooth position has a tremendous impact on how are jaw comes together and the muscles that are required to chew, smile, open and close. If teeth are, “colliding” and interfering then our muscles adapt and try to avoid these collisions.  This may impact how our facial muscles and chewing muscles behave – spasms, weakened, or strained.
  • Headaches/migraines – spasming, weak or strained muscles contribute to over 80% of different forms of headaches (like tension headaches and cluster headaches) and can also trigger migraines.3. Different types of orthodontic treatment options


3. Different types of orthodontic treatment options

  • Traditional braces silver brackets and wires
  • Lingual wire braces brackets and wires attacked to back of the teeth so that you can’t see them when talking or smiling
  • Clear trays clear plastic trays that can move the teeth incrementally.
  • Ceramic braces white brackets with a silver wire. Much less noticeable.


4. What is a lingual retainer (cemented or not cemented) and why do I need it after my orthodontic treatment is complete?

  • Teeth will always move and relapse to new positions during the course of your life.  To ensure that your teeth stay straight you need to have some form of a retainer that can prevent shifting and moving.  Bonded retainers require no compliance from the patient as it is there 24/7/365.  A removable retainer can be lost, warp, break or no longer fit.


5. Can my teeth move back when I get my braces taken off?

  • Same answer as above

From kindergarten to university—we have the hacks to make back-to-school a breeze!

From kindergarten to university—we have the hacks to make back-to-school a breeze. Then, transforming yesterday’s leftovers in to today’s gourmet packed lunch. Plus, whether you’re on board or not… Janice Meredith has the Instagram-friendly fashion trends to prep your kids for student life.  
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Leftover Chicken Pot Stickers

Cheesy Vegetarian Arancini


How to protect yourself from an online invasion!

How to protect yourself from an online invasion! What’s making you vulnerable to prying eyes. Then, pro-tips and recipes for nailing your next picnic! Plus, what you need to nourish your skin this summer and keep damage at bay. The natural remedies that can speed up the healing process.