Let's bust some myths about female health.

Bryce Wylde is breaking down seasonal affective disorder, and has natural solutions that can help! Twitter’s ‘resident gynecologist’ Dr. Jen Gunter is back on Cityline to help us bust some myths about female health, while Stacy Irvine has the scoop on 2021’s biggest wellness and fitness trends. Plus, Chef Matt Dean Pettit shows you how to cook a whole fried snapper in The Daily Dish, and Nike Onile has a small space makeover with big impact.

Amp up your wellness, well into 2021.

Move over skinny jeans, flares are back! Stylist Janielle McKoy shows you the modern flare and how to style it. Bahar Niramwalla has the beauty boost you need to get through the dark days of winter, while Lisa Chang has innovative ways for you to preserve your most precious memories.  Plus, Amy Rosen will convince you to fire up the grill this winter with her phenomenal flank steak recipe, and Trudy Stone will help amp up your wellness, well into 2021.
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Beauty expert Tracy Peart shares her roundup of makeup artist-approved dark foundations

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Extend your “bubble” – to your skirts! Julia Grieve shows you how to DIY the bubble hemline trend, plus how to master military boot style. Chef Jason Parsons cooks up a savoury tart in the Daily Dish, and beauty expert Tracy Peart shares her roundup of makeup artist-approved dark foundations – from the drugstore, from the department store, and from Black-owned brands.

Germ-blasting gadgets to help you sanitize your space.

Design duo Colin and Justin show you how to warm up when it’s cold outside with cozy but cool décor, while Shai DeLuca has germ-blasting gadgets to help you sanitize your space. Victoria Tonelli has a high-tech reno reveal you won’t believe as she transforms a basement into a beautiful home-gym. Plus, Chef Micah Trainor has a super fancy meal – that’s super easy to make – in The Daily Dish!

Time to work SMARTER, not harder.

Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky helps you understand how diet can play a role in anxiety levels, while fitness expert Zehra Allibhai has all of the ways you can work out smarter, not harder, in 2021. One woman shares her story of deciding not to have children – and why it’s so important to talk about. Plus, Chef Matt Dean Pettit’s making his Sweet & Heat Dumplings, and designer Victoria Tonelli is revealing Nadia’s #WLC10 renovation.