Managing menopause with confidence

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Wellness Wednesday and we’re having an important conversation about weight loss medication. Dr. Toni Sappong and Dr. Sandy Van discuss if these are wonder drugs… or warning signs! Then, Dr. Mary Claire Haver has invaluable insights for managing menopause with confidence; plus, Sustainability Expert Candice Batista has tips for how to save the earth – and save some money – with Zero-Waste shopping. Dr. Geeta Yadav tackles pesky pimples and offers the best way to zap those zits!

Home-made Pup-cake treats

Hosted by Tracy Moore & Ozzie Moore. It’s our All About Pets Show and Tracy is sharing the hosting duties with her beloved dog Ozzie! Life & Style Expert Shoana Jensen has everything you need to know to prep your home for a new pet; then, Food Expert Jyoti Nanra is in the Cityline kitchen making home-made Pup-cake treats for your dog; plus, Travel Expert Natalie Preddie shares tips for making air travel for your pet as stress free as possible for them – and you! Animal Care Expert Alison Press wants us to spring clean for our pets and Julia Grieve talks about grieving a lost furry companion and shares memories of her dog Riddick.

Fun coast to coast summer festivals

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s our Road Trip Special, and Design Expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has the best travel pillows to start your journey in comfort! Chef Devan Rajkumar is in the Cityline kitchen with some elevated snack options you can take with you on-the-go; plus, Gardening Expert Frank Ferragine has the tips to help your plants survive your vacation! Lifestyle Expert Belicia Chung has a rundown on fun summer festivals, from coast to coast, that are worthy of road tripping to attend; then, Chef Stefano Faita gives us a tour of his Montreal neighborhood.
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How to make your thrifted treasures look luxe!

Host by Tracy Moore. It’s Fashion Friday and we’re maxing out maxi skirts with Lily Yange’s tips for the best ways to style them this Spring. Myles Sexton has a lesson on how to make your thrifted treasures look luxe, while Sal Leonetti has a lesson on bangs and choosing the right chop for you. Tania Tonello rounds up spring’s freshest trends, and Grace Lee shares an inside look at what it’s really like to be a makeup artist to the stars.

It's home day!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Home Day and Christian Dare is inspiring renters to ‘reno’ by showing off the bougey bathroom makeovers he did on his own radically 80’s rental unit. Then, Paint Expert Sharon Grech has simple tips to give your furniture a refresh with a coat of paint and Designer Karen Sealy discusses ‘Wellness Design’ and how our personal spaces can impact our mental health; plus, Chef Randy Feltis wants us to add a little maple goodness to our coffee and he even has recipes for more “adult” maple coffee beverages too, and he’s giving us the tour of his backyard oasis, which, of course includes a kitchen!