A lavish Abu Dhabi inspired bedroom set!

A lavish Abu Dhabi inspired bedroom set (for a fraction of the price), a quirky DIY optical illusion paint technique, and a hidden dining table.  
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Glam Bedroom Segment

Bed from Kijiji

Bedding, rugs & accessories from Ikea

Flooring available at Karndean Design Flooring

Paint from Benjamin Moore

Wall Colour: Mirage White LRV 8229

Bed Colour: Metallic Silver 2132-60

Wardrobe Colour: Geddy Gray CW 720

Mirrored Night Stands and Lighting from Home Sense

Chairs from Ikea & Urban Barn

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Kitchen Segments

Kitchen Island/table available at Aya Kitchens

Chairs and Stools from CasalifeCocoon Furnishings & Coolican and Company


Kitchen Updates

Cupboard doors available at Home Depot

Sinks from Blanco-Germany & Home Depot

LED Light from Lee Valley

Hard Rock Veneer (for inside Cabinets) available at Heritage Kitchens


Back splash tile in pictures

Subway Tile from Home Depot

Patterned Tile from Mettro Source

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Leigh Ann's Trompe L'oeil Segment


Mural Pics from Ruth Baker Design


The cutest children's spring fashion trends!

The cutest children's spring fashion trends, managing stress during your most trying times, and boosting your warm weather workout routine.
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Create a workout outfit that empowers and inspires you!


At all price points, you can ensure you purchase your workout wear based on your workouts. Take the time to pieces that are meant for a specific activity to get the most function out of the piece.

Even your topper can take your workout wear to the street without being exposed.


Yoga - Things to look for
1. Sweat wicking
2. Fitted top so the top moves with you comfortably through your movements
3. Significant stretch ability with no thinning out in the fabric
4. Need layers to work with the before and after


Running - Things to look for
1. Sweat wicking and quick drying
2. Support and compression to stay in place during movements
3. Multi function for extra gear storage
4. Supportive bra that comes up higher with separated cups to keep things snug and happy         and a bra clasp in the back to find the best fit.
5. A top is high in the front.


Spinning - Things to look for
1. Sweat wicking
2. Sports bra with adjustable straps and band to provide optimum support
3. Quality stretch 2 ply fabric with abrasion resistance and doesn’t thin.
4. High waisted pants for coverage when spinning


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Simple exercises you can do at home

5 Moves you With a bench or hair
1. Kick backs
2. Step ups ( works quads and glutes)
3. Mountain Climbers to push-ups (work arms, get the heart rate up)
4. Dips (triceps)
5. Plank with knee tuck and twist (core)

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Cook your way through the hottest foodie trends!

The 100-layer lasagna, oozing egg sandwiches, and smurf veggies — Cook your way through the hottest Instagram-worthy foodie trends!    
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Check out La Palma Toronto

Try out Massimo's Stuffed Ground Chicken Ball Recipe Here!


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Check out Eva's Original Chimney's & The Burger's Priest


Try out Randy's Cheddar Soufflé Here!


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Check out Montreal Plaza


Try out Ricardo's Sweet Poutine Recipe Here!

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Steak sandwich and s’mores pancakes from Lisa Marie Main

Armadillo egg pizza from Descendant Detroit Style Pizza

Crepe cakes & Japanese cheesecakes from Millie Desserts

Mochi, chiffon cake, Sakura Mont Blanc from Little Pebbles


Crafty ways to clean the air in your home!

Crafty ways to clean the air in your home, DIY First Aid hacks, and chef up your own backyard Italian barbeque!
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's

Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

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All outdoor furniture available at Ikea

All tropical plants available at Sheridan Nurseries

Beach Waves Murals available at Rebel Walls

Fresh Cut grass wall colour: Benjamin Moore

Dinner plates available at Home Sense

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Check out @naturallysavvy & www.naturallysavvy.com


Aloe Vera available at Lily of the Desert

Oils and Diffusers available at www.nowfoods.com

Teas from www.bigelowtea.com

Plastic Wrap alternative available at ETEE


The most chic plus size fashions you've ever seen!

The most chic plus size fashions you've ever seen, Jeanne Beker pops in to showcase top Canadian designers nominated for the CAFA awards, and travel beauty tips that will change everything!
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's

Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

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Spring Looks for Less: All outfits are from WINNERS


Look 1 - Nautical/Santorini

Lace Sleeve Blouse: $34.99

Red Pant: $29.99

Ring-handle Clutch: $39.99

Gold Block Heel Sandal: $79.99


Look 2 - White Affair

Sheer Blouse: $89.99

White Denim Dress: $249.99

Silver Oxfords: $59.99

Silver Clutch: $149.99


Look 3 - Botanica

Floral Blazer: $59.99

Floral Pant: $39.99

Printed Knit Tee: $19.99

Floral Drop Earrings: $14.99

Floral Handbag: $29.99

Floral Mules: $69.99


Look 4 - Fiesta

Bell Sleeve Tunic Dress: $39.99

Hard Case Cross Body Bag: $79.99

Woven Mule: $79.99

Long Dangle Earrings: $14.99


Look 5 - Into the Wild/Safari

Duster Vest: $99.99

Eyelet Tank: $99.99

Pleated Skirt: $39.99

Printed Scarf: $39.99

Shoulder Bag: $149.99

Waist Purse: $29.99


Look 6 - Athleisure 

Bomber Jacket: $29.99

Chartreuse Knit: $39.99

Striped Slit Skirt: $34.99

Geometric Handbag: $49.99

Peep-toe bootie: $69.99

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Designer Looks


Greta Constantine

Designed by Kirk Pickersgill & Stephen Wong

From Fall 2018 Collection

look 1



Designed by Simon Belanger & José Manuel St-Jacques

From Spring 2018 Collection

Shoes are from ALDO

look 2


Marie Saint Pierre

Designed by Marie Saint Pierre

Look is from Atelier Summer 2018 collection

Shoes are from ALDO

look 3


Stephan Caras

Designed by Stephan Caras & Kyriako Caras

Look is from Fall 2018 collection

Shoes are from ALDO

look 4

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National Makeup Artist, Dermablend

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