Ricardo's colourful 'bowl' recipes will add vibrance to the rest of your Winter.

Want to sneak healthy ingredients into your next meal? Ricardo will “bowl” you over with his spin on the popular food trend. The little things that can make a big impact. Julia Grieve helps you go green in every room of your house. Sarah Gunn has the germ magnets you touch every day but may never clean!

Stylist Julia Grieve has five simple steps to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Stylist Julia Grieve has five simple steps to build a sustainable wardrobe. Beauty with your boo. Shobana Lakkavally breaks down the products you CAN share with your partner. Tracy Peart shares styles for any workout level.
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Fashion - Scarborough Town Centre 

Wallet Chain
Socks (from H&M)

2. GAP

Sneakers (Nike from ateaze)
Sandals (from ZARA)
4. HUDSON’S BAY (all items from HBC)
Shirt (Calvin Klein)
Pants (Olsen)
Belt (Topshop)
Coat (Topshop)
Purse (Call It Spring)
Shoes (Karl Lagerfeld)
5. ateaze
T-Shirt (Vans)
Jacket (Stüssy)
Joggers (The North Face)
Hip Pack (Nike)
Sneakers (Air Jordan)

6. H&M

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Beauty with your boo:

1. Masking: is a great way to spend a few minutes of quality of time together!

Body Shop
A variety of masks including the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Mask

Dr.Dennis Grossman
Spectralite Eyecare PRO LED Device

2. Serums and Under eye creams: are seen as luxury add-ons, but they are essential to skincare especially in the climate we live in.

Dermalogica Age Reversal eye Serum and/or Biolum C Eye Serum

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

3. Moisturizer: This is a basic and as we are exposed to harsher clients it's important to change up your skincare routine for the winter which strips our face of water.

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

4. Mattifying Primers and Concealers: I work with lots of brides but more and more grooms are interested in flawless complexions asking for under eye coverage, blemish coverage, matte skin touch ups

NARS Creamy Concealers
One of my staples which comes in a diverse range of colors.

Givenchy Mister Mattifying Stick

Givenchy Mister Lite Corrective Pen

5. Fragrance:

Maison Margiela

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Facebook: TracypMakeup

Model #1
Top: Adidas
Bottoms: Adidas
Shoes: Adidas

Model #2
Top: Alala
Bottoms: Alala
Shoes: Sport Chek (Nike)

Model #3
Top: Old Navy
Bottoms: Old Navy
Shoes: Sport Chek (Nike)

Model #4
Jacket: Alala
Top: Alala
Bottoms: Alala
Shoes: Sport Chek (Nike)

Model #5
Top: SheFit
Bottoms: Addition Elle (Girlfriend Collective)
Shoes: Sport Chek (Nike)

Model #6
Jacket: Sportive Plus
Top: Sportive Plus
Bottoms: Sportive Plus
Shoes: Sport Chek (New Balance)


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How to build a sustainable wardrobe

Fabric Refresher recipe:
½ cup of water
¼ cup vodka or (rubbing alcohol)
10 drops of your favourite essential oil, or you can blend smells and use 5 drops of each
spray bottle

Clothing: H&M Conscious line




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Why impostor syndrome might be holding you back from your goals.

Confused about protein powder? Joy McCarthy helps you choose the ones that pack a nutritional punch. Then, get set for a military-style workout that will help you burn major calories! Brent Bishop’s boot camp puts your strength and endurance to the test. Plus, Karyn Gordon explains why impostor syndrome might be holding you back from your goals.
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Options for protein powder:

  1. Animal-based: Whey protein, casein and egg-white protein
  2. Plant protein blends ie. hemp, brown rice, pea protein
  3. Fermented protein powder - both vegan and animal based whey
  4. Collagen -- not a complete protein so it's not recommended on it's own but worth mentioning

Protein Blondie Squares

Sweet Potato Protein Muffins

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  • Taking a HIIT approach to your workouts can reap great benefits with shorter workout durations.
  • Getting creative and utilizing themes for your workouts can be a great way to change the stimulus, challenge yourself and re-inject some energy and excitement into your training, while getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Buddy up with a workout partner and create some additional fun/camaraderie

Military Inspired Workout: 4 Rounds/15reps for Time

  • change the stimulus from regular workouts
  • HIIT approach great for overall conditioning/performance
  • Functional strength
  • Expand comfort zone

6 Exercise Circuit simulates what would be needed in getting over/under obstacles to combat and rescuing an injured soldier.

  1. chest to ground burpees
  2.  army crawl under a net
  3. wall climb
  4. box jump
  5. med ball slams
  6. body drag (rope and sandbag dragged over a distance

Props Needed:

  • net + something to anchor
  • 2 x boxes
  • 8lbs medball
  •  sandbag
  •  Rope
  •  military gear
  •  whistle

Monique Taylor Yee Shui tells us when to buy and when to D-I-Y

Store-bought versus homemade? Monique Taylor Yee Shui tells us when to buy and when to D-I-Y. An edible alternative to plastic. Frank Ferragine has sustainable solutions and reveals the surprising things you’re putting in your recycling bag, that are ending up in the landfill. An Italian twist on the traditional. Stefano Faita makes a Shepherd’s Pie even better than the original.
Products and Services  -  Reusable Cotton Swab – Bees Wrap food wrap, reusable straws, reusable produce bags, sandwich bags, freezer bags, snack bags

Frank Ferragine story

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