Your healthy approach to one of the hottest weight loss trends. 

Breakthroughs on brain health! Bryce Wylde has your natural guide to staying sharp. And, the keto diet decoded! Your healthy approach to one of the hottest weight loss trends. Plus, seasonal cocktails and mocktails that say “spring” in a glass. How to whip up herbal infused drinks – no bartending experience required!

How to grow sweet summer crops, no matter how small your space! 

How to grow sweet summer crops, no matter how small your space!  Carson Arthur has your plan for starting a compact fruit and vegetable garden. Then, get wise to size. Janice Meredith kits out your outdoor space in style.  Plus, simple ways to create instant drama with backyard lighting. Frank Ferragine shows you how to light up the night.  
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Black furniture: 4pc set for $1499.99

Room partition: $299.99

Black & white throw: $24.99

Natural fibre rug: $39.99

Short round bamboo side table: part of a 3pc set for $399.99

Bee cushion: $24.99

Green flamingo print cushion: $29.99

Black & white striped cushion: $19.99

Lanterns: starting at $29.99

C+J 3 pc outdoor set: $499.99

Flower print cushion with rope: set of 2, $39.99

Outdoor candle: $14.99

Grey throw w/ tassels: $24.99

Yellow geo cushion: $24.99



Bussan chair QTY 2
503 129 14

Skarrid rug
504 351 99

Solvinden hanging lights
104 219 34 - large Qty 1
804 219 35 small QTY 2

Funkon Cushion QTY 2
204 210 90

Otteron Innerskar
192 875 68 QTY 2

Trancaro stool QTY 2
104 114 21

Mullbacka light Qty 2
803 423 06

Mastholem table
903 397 42


Couch setup:
Canadian Tire

CANVAS Image Impressions Cali Outdoor Rug - 0687472

CANVAS Market Patio Umbrella, Navy - 882070

3 x CANVAS Horizon Toss Cushion - 882145

2 x CANVAS Designer Series Moraine Lake Toss Cushion - 882144

6 pc sectional conversational set
0882042 $1299.99
0882080 $69.99
Umbrella table
0882044 $199.99
Dot lantern QTY 3
597330 $29.99

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Patio stone:



Vanden Bussche

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Destination locations:

Tracy - Cabinscape

Janice - Refugee Perches

Carson - The June

Frank - The Whispering Pines



The feel-good strategies for managing mess

Your Easter leftovers get a major makeover.  Turn your odds and ends into delicious second day meals. Then, the feel-good strategies for managing mess. Plus, organizing ideas for the ultimate linen closet. 
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Matt & Nat

Purses / Handbags



Girlfriend Collective






Chapters / Indigo

Green Toys


All outdoor furniture

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Hutch (2 pieces)



Home Depot

Tool hanger rack

Garden Tools

Clay Pots


Office / Creative Space accessories

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Staples Canada

Magnetic Whiteboard


These bar carts don't hold alcohol but are fully-stocked with decor ideas!

These bar carts don't hold alcohol but are fully-stocked with decor ideas! Forget double-duty, these hacks transform your bar cart 6 different ways! Then, re-create your rental. The budget design details that you’ll love living with. Plus, they organize the lives of A-list clientele. from Khloe Kardashian to Gwyneth Paltrow. And now they reveal the star secrets to keep your home clutter-free.
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Cart Blanche Segment:


Bar carts + accessories


Putti Fine Furnishings




Paint colours shown in segment:

1/3 Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday 2112-50

1/3 Bright Yellow 2022-30

1/3 Billowy Down 2064-70

1/3 Benjamin Moore Ruby Red 2001-10

1/3 Peale Green HC-121

1/3 Marsh Brown 2164-20

Mad About Monochrome Segment





Benjamin Moore matt: Black 2132-10


Screen, black chair, white chair


Table, lamp, rug, vases, cushion
Urban Barn





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Brian's 'Summer Style' re: patio furniture segment


GlucksteinHome, available at Hudson's Bay

Products and Services

Sabrina's pantry organizing items

Bed, Bath & Beyond


Additional items:



Pet hair VS decor segment

Rubber broom, paw washer, discs to remove hair in washing machine



Pet hair removal from upholstery/clothes

Bed, Bath & Beyond


Additional items:


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Instagram: @thehomeedit


Revealing the dirtiest fruits and vegetables!

The Alberti Twins are here sharing authentic Italian meals you can make at home -- Nonna approved! Plus, the brothers take our health test! Why how many push ups you can do is linked to heart disease. Then, Bryce Wylde is revealing the DIRTIEST fruits and vegetables! A surprising new offender lands on the dirty dozen list – and why you’ll want to scrub your strawberries EXTRA tonight after watching this! Plus, yep… now’s the time to talk about your pee! What the colour of your urine says about your health and hydration.
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What to bring when visiting the ER:

List of medications.
Better yet, bring the actual medications you’re taking! This way we can make sure you’re taking them properly.

List of your medical issues
/doctors you are seeing. Often the issues we see people for in the emergency room are related to previous diagnoses, so having a clear idea of what these are is very helpful.

If you are being sent to the emergency department by your doctor, ask them to write you a note and print off your lab tests. By making it clear why you are there, it could speed up you being seen, decrease repetitive testing and help in making a more accurate diagnosis.

Bring someone with you, or if your elderly parent is going then go with them. Sometimes it’s difficult to advocate for yourself when you’re sick, so having someone healthy with you is helpful for getting a clear picture of what is going on.

Something to do
! The emergency room sees people with a huge range of illnesses, and as a result it isn’t first come first serve. This can lead to long waits…sorry!

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Details on Cityline's 30 day Push-Up Challenge:


Push-Up Challenge printable instructions


*Follow @Cityline on Instagram for daily instructional videos.


Our goal is to make push-ups accessible and easy for everyone.  Often we are afraid to include Push-Ups in our workout routines because they are difficult when done in their original format. We're changing that starting TODAY!


First Step:


We are going to start the push-ups on an Incline.  This makes them MUCH easier for a couple of reasons.  The amount of body weight going through your arms is significantly decreased, and your wrist angle is in a more relaxed position.


Three Important Tips for a good Push Up:

Remember that you are essentially doing a plank at the same time as a push up.  If your body position is moving around during the execution of the push-up, it will make the exercise more challenging.  If you want to improve your push-ups work on having a good plank too!

Get your shoulders away from your ears.  In order to use the correct muscles for your push-ups you must make sure that your shoulders are in the correct position.  If they are up by your ears when you are attempting the push-up, you will be at a disadvantage for the exercise because you are using smaller muscle groups.  Keep them down as much as possible, to activate the larger muscles of your chest and back.

Make sure your wrists and shoulders have adequate range of motion for you to do a push-up properly.  Often as we get older we lose some flexibility in our wrists and shoulders.  We need to be able to have 90 degrees of flexion at our wrists and we need to made sure our shoulders are not rolled in before we attempt the full push-up.

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John's Twitter: @John_Alberti


Tony's Twitter: @Tony_Alberti


Instagram: @the_alberti_twins




Gorgeous Gnocchi


Twintastico Tagliatelle al Ragu


Seductive Saltimbocca


Olive Oil Cake


Papa Paolo's Tiramisu