September 9, 2019 – Monday Swag Bag

43:27 |

Monday Swag Bag. We're taking the stress out of Mondays and helping ease you and your family into the week. Lifestyle Expert Shoana Jensen kick-starts your day with the perfect cup of coffee, from cold brew to an espresso you can make on the move. Then, Designer Sarah Gunn shows us how to create a clutter-free kitchen counter, so you can prep for the day and get out the door faster in the morning. Plus, we're kicking dinner panic to the curb. Home Cook Julie Miguel has a Sunday meal prep plan with tips and recipes to get you through your week. And Tech Expert Lisa Chang is making your mornings a breeze with everything from a smart light to gently wake you up in the morning to the perfect hair appliance that curls, waves, smooths, and dries your hair!